Monday, August 24, 2015

Abracadabra: From a favorite duvet to a quilt...

Awhile back, my daughter asked me if I could take their duvet cover and make it into a quilt.They weren't using it as a duvet anymore, but really liked it so wanted to be able to use it again. After much talking about how it was put together and what shape it was in (all over the phone and online as she lives in Seattle) I told her I thought I could. She sent it to me earlier this summer. After looking it over, trying to figure out the best way to take it apart and keep it square, I ended up cutting it apart on the seam lines. I decided not to square it up before it was quilted because it was pretty square already and I figured I would have to resquare it after it was quilted anyway as the corners were slightly rounded.  
I used my favorite panto, Leafage by Keryn Emmerson since there is so much off white and an 80/20 batting. The quilting went well as it was like quilting two sheets seams to add bulk. 

I had planned to use an off-white binding, but found this vintage stripe I had gotten from my mom from her stash that looked really well with it. Angie liked it too, so that is what I used. 
quilt colors are bad in this photo.

I squared it up on a large table at the store. It wasn't as off as I thought it would be, given the way I cut it apart!

 I really like how it turned out and love the quilt itself. It was an easy process, so if you have a duvet that needs to be transformed, find a quilting friend and go for it!

I sent it to her recently and she loves it.
I've been figuring out a quilt layout this morning using too many fabrics, so  I need to cut it out now before I forget what I was going to do! I have a sampler club class tonight and tomorrow night, then back to school on Friday. Not really ready for it, but like those paychecks to keep coming, so I guess I will have to be ready.


Karen in Breezy Point said...

The duvet transformation turned out great--the quilt is beautiful! The binding is perfect too!

Karen said...

How cool to use fabric from you mother's stash. It makes it generational. What a wonderful idea to get more use out of the duvet.

A Nudge said...

Always love repurposing projects. This turned out beautiful. I can see why they wanted to keep it. You did a great job of quilting it.