Friday, March 11, 2016

Poolside Tote #3 finished...

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I finished the Poolside Tote Wednesday after getting some necessary "chores" done. I had prepped it for my class last weekend and used to show sewing steps and hints throughout the class. Anna (Noodlehead) has a clever way to add a zipper pocket to the front that's easy and effective. I find many people have a phobia about putting in zippers, that they are too hard for the average sewer. The students in Saturday's class had no problems!

Very roomy inside. I didn't add the key fob to this one as I didn't have one on hand. I can always open up the seam and add it later. 

I wish I would've used the heavier interfacing for this bag like I did the previous ones. This is a heavier fabric so I didn't think I needed it and used the lighter weight. Unfortunately, it doesn't stand up on its own well. It will still be useful and fun to carry!
Slip pocket on back.

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Karen said...

Love the colors you used on this bag. Looks like you will be heading to the pool most of the summer with all these bags!