Sunday, October 2, 2016

Is it a mirage?

 I spent Saturday with some awesome quilters who wanted to make Mirages, my newest addition to the Circle and Spin series. I had given them directions to precut squares, so they were ready to cut some curves and start sewing. As you can see, they got a lot finished!

Jane's use of batiks was gorgeous...she has the best collection of batiks around. Karen was using bright prints on a mottled blue background for a eye-catching look.
Karen H
 I didn't get pictures of Karen S or Amanda's blocks, as they had used fabrics similar to mine, and didn't put their blocks up on the wall. They thought they could tell what it would look like. They got a lot finished as well.
Elsie had some Laurel Burch fabrics in her stash and threw in some solids as well for a colorful look.
 Deb had 4 different fabrics on a green background, so we tried a pattern as we put the blocks up.
JoAnn just wants to make a wallhanging, so hers will finish quickly!
 Trudy had been saving black prints for a long time. As you can see a few had some colorful bits thrown in too.
Mirages as a backdrop to class.
 I think we banished some worries about sewing curves! I can't wait to see them finished!

Update: Deb N. sent me a picture of her finished quilt in Dec. 

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Karen said...

Thanks Jean! It was a fun class and my first time working with curves. Love how it's coming along.