Monday, April 24, 2017

Prepping is fun...but now I want to finish this Explorer Tote!


Three front pieces. 
I had started the prepping for the Explorer Tote class a few weeks ago, getting the pieces cut and interfacing fused, but I didn't want to do it all too soon, as it's a review for me too.  But the class is 2 weeks away now, so  I worked on it some more Saturday when I sewed with friends. I think it's ready to go now.
Center section has a pocket with the turn lock attached. Easy peasy to do. 

Inside lined pocket. They still have their labels on them from the pattern. It will make things easier to set up before the class. 

Denim bottom, with cutouts done.

Tote flap completed. This one will go on the bag.

I made a prep flap too, so I could show how to attach the rest of the turn lock.
When I finished prepping the Explorer Tote, I started working on my Letter Challenge project for my guild. We picked our letters months ago ( I got the letter U) and I have been thinking of some ideas, but hadn't settled on one. At our meeting last Tuesday, I realized they are due next month, so I needed to decide and get on it.

Several ideas I had: 
--A small quilt using many cars that could be "Ubers".
--Something using an umbrella (maybe decorating one with applique shapes, or  making pieced umbrellas for a quilt. 
Unicycle (yea, fleeting thought)
--Useful: I wanted to make something I could use or give as a gift. Which gave me the idea of making a bag. I have been wanting to make the Heidi Foldover Clutch by Swoon (free pdf) ever since I found it online, so since it unzips, that became my theme to making this cute useful clutch. 

Heidi front: I didn't have any vinyl, so self faced the accent pieced on the bottom since I thought it added so much to the bag. 
I decided to use the fabrics from the new Explorer Tote, as it might be nice to have a clutch to match the bag if I use it myself or give as a gift.
The Accent is the same as the lining for the bag.  I made the back out of denim. 
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There is a set in zippered pocket on the back. I used a gold zipper for it.

I printed out some U words that were useful for the clutch on June Tailor White Colorfast Sew In Fabric  Sheets.. I love these for printing pictures and labels as well. 

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I spent a lot of time framing the words with gold fabric. I trimmed them, backed them and turned and pressed...but didn't like how they looked on the clutch when I was finished. They were meant to be labels to put in key places and they stood out too much.  (Plus I just like fabrics with words on them.)

So I cut them out of the frame and backed them with fusible web. Sigh....wasted a lot of time, but that's part of the creative process.

Here's one on the back. 
Can you find them on the front below? I had to attach them before I sewed the clutch together.

I hope to finish it this week, though I have classes tonight and Tuesday night, so we'll see....

Pat came one night and finished her More Peas in a Pod quilt. It turned out so pretty! She has already gifted it to a granddaughter! I am adding her picture to her class's final post as well. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Love a good finish!

This group of beginners did a really good job on their More Peas in a Pod quilts. I'm so proud of them! They learned how to make and sew on binding during the last class, so they were finished except for some hand sewing. There were two that were unable to come, so will be making it up soon.  




 I love them all! My daughter Wendy finished her More Peas in a Pod quilt top too, and is getting it quilted, so will have some binding fun when she gets it back.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Explorer Tote...making #2

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A few weeks ago I made the Explorer Tote by Noodlehead as a class model. I love how it turned it out and recently started to make a working model so that I can show it as class progresses in a few weeks.
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I got all the pieces cut out and started the fusing process. This is the part that I dislike...fusing on the interfacing seems to take forever but is an important part of the process.
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I love this fabric. It's a duck cloth type fabric, so a little heavier than what I used for the "Paris" mode. I wanted to see how it worked up. I still used the fusible fleece on the back and front, and the heavy interfacing everywhere else. It was hard to stop working on it!

Image may contain: indoor

This pattern has a great feature...a set of tabs so you can keep track of what you have cut and how many. I found this to be really helpful when cutting each of them and also when marking these pieces for the upcoming class. I will sew together a few more things before class, but decided to wait until the class was closer so it would be fresher in my mind for the class.

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I guess I really do need 2 Explorer Totes, right?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Quilt sandwich = almost a finished quilt!

Lorraine's More Peas in a Pod
 Five of the new quilters met Thursday night to layer or sandwich their quilts. It was fun seeing their finished tops and helping them sandwich them for tying.
Marguerite's More Peas in a Pod
They learned that even though they are tying these quilts, they would use the same method to secure the layers if they were hand or machine quilting with their home machines (with the addition of more hand basting). We also talked about prepping for someone to long arm machine quilt their quilts. After pinning heavily, we basted the outside edges for security and ease when adding the binding.
Pat's More Peas in a Pod
 They didn't have much time for tying, but will work on that this week. We meet again Thursday night to make and sew on the binding.
Trish's More Peas in a Pod
 It's fun to see them almost finished. They are already talking about the next quilt...yep, they're quilters all right!
Anita's More Peas in a Pod
 I added Crystal's layering picture again as she is part of this group and I wanted her in this post as well. I will add Myneeka's also when she gets to this point.
Crystal's More Peas in a Pod

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Whole lotta sewing going on....

It's been a busy month of classes...I've been working with beginners as well as starting 3 new Sampler/Fun Clubs last week. The 2nd Tuesday Fun Club is working on a Log Cabin quilt using the Eleanor Quilt in a Day book and method. They worked on getting their First Light and First Dark sewn on all of the blocks. Nancy is starting with blues...

Martha with yellows...There are some really pretty fabrics, which will make gorgeous quilts.
Nancy is making the bag, so she only needs one block for it. She is ready to start assembling the bag now.
Shirley can't join the group this time, but tried making a few blocks too. Look at those reds, blacks and whites! They really pop!
Debi's reproduction fabrics are looking good, with the red in the middle for heart of the home.
Debi also showed us her Circle and Spin to the Moon, back from the quilter. Very pretty!
Circle and Spin to the Moon

Pat came and made up class 2 of the Beginning Quilting More Peas in a Pod. It's looking great! Most of that class will be coming tonight to layer, pin and tie their quilts. 

Michael took his finished Bluebird quilt to CUAQ Therapy last week for show and tell. Wowser! Can't wait to see it quilted and finished!
The Wednesday Fun Club also decided to do the Log Cabin the Quilt in a Day way, so it will be fun to see both groups work through their fabric rounds towards a finished quilt.
Linda loves green! Me too!
Marta chose more traditional reproduction fabrics with dark you know what that means?

Crystal is part of the beginners group and came to layer, pin and tie her quilt Monday night. It's a big class so hard for them to do it all at the same time.

Myneeka came as well and finished her  blocks. Now to get them sewn together!

My daughter, Wendy, started a More Peas in a Pod quilt recently too and came to work on her blocks with the others. She has her blocks completed as well, though I didn't take a picture of them. 

Here is a picture of a couple of her blocks.
Image may contain: indoor
It's been fun this month helping people start new projects and finish their first project. Pictures from tonight's class soon.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Beginners coming along strong!

 The beginners got their quilt centers put together yesterday and started the borders. They learned measuring is very important to border attachment. It's always fun to see their quilts come together and enjoy all of the different fabrics and colors they put together.

 Everyone was certain that they could finish the 2nd border on their own before the next class. One of them asked if this quilt could be made bigger by making more blocks and I said yes it would be easy to do. She said "not that I'm thinking about the next quilt, really." I loved it, because she was actually thinking about the next quilt while still working on the first one. Yep she's a quilter!

One of the gals missed the first class, so came yesterday to begin her quilt. She is coming tomorrow night to work on it some more!

 A little excitement for quilt, Fragments,  hanging with the rest of the Quilters Quilt the Blues exhibit at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Atlanta GA this weekend. (The pic was on their Facebook page.) It will continue to travel with the OSQE shows throughout this year. If you happen to go to one of these shows, please take a pic of it for me! It will be in Lakeland, FL next weekend.
Fragments, second row from bottom of pic, 2nd quilt from the left.