Saturday, March 25, 2017

Quilt sandwich = almost a finished quilt!

Lorraine's More Peas in a Pod
 Five of the new quilters met Thursday night to layer or sandwich their quilts. It was fun seeing their finished tops and helping them sandwich them for tying.
Marguerite's More Peas in a Pod
They learned that even though they are tying these quilts, they would use the same method to secure the layers if they were hand or machine quilting with their home machines (with the addition of more hand basting). We also talked about prepping for someone to long arm machine quilt their quilts. After pinning heavily, we basted the outside edges for security and ease when adding the binding.
Pat's More Peas in a Pod
 They didn't have much time for tying, but will work on that this week. We meet again Thursday night to make and sew on the binding.
Trish's More Peas in a Pod
 It's fun to see them almost finished. They are already talking about the next quilt...yep, they're quilters all right!
Anita's More Peas in a Pod
 I added Crystal's layering picture again as she is part of this group and I wanted her in this post as well. I will add Myneeka's also when she gets to this point.
Crystal's More Peas in a Pod


Karen said...

Almost to the finish line! Way to go, ladies!

Barb said...

What fun and what a feeling to get to this point!!