Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fly Away Bluebirds....

 I had a great class yesterday making the Bluebirds quilt from the book Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin by Marci Baker. You can see the pattern emerging as they get more blocks finished.

 There was a huge difference in fabrics, which always makes for interesting quilts.
 Phyllis wanted to make a different quilt from the same book, Colorado Sunset. It was shaping up nicely too.

 I can't wait to see these as finished quilts!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Quilters Quilt the Blues Challenge-- 2nd place Fragments

Have you entered any challenges this year? I read about the Quilters Quilt the Blues Challenge on the McCalls Quilting Blog and was intrigued. Blue is definitely a fun color to use, but could become monotonous if the fabrics shades were too similar or if I didn't use the right techniques. There was criteria for size, and you had to get the 16 pk. of blue fat quarters from the sponsors. We wouldn't all get the same fats, but they would all be blue. Then you could choose up to 3 other fabrics to use with them. The finalist quilts would be part of a traveling show with the Original Sewing and Quilt Expos in 2017.

Quilters Quilt the Blues Challenge: Fragments

I did some thinking about what I would do before I ordered the fabric as it had to be an original design. Once they arrived, I spent a lot of time considering if my original idea would work with the fabrics I was sent. I wanted to do something using my circle and spin technique, but had a specific idea of how it would look. I wasn't sure I could accomplish it, but I needed to show chaos, and unity in the same design. Once the fabrics came I lined them up to see how they related to each other and if I could use them as I had originally hoped. Many of them were fabrics I wouldn't have chosen myself, but that is part of the use what you are given.

The next decision was which fabrics (up to 3) would I put with them. I wanted to spice things up with another color so decided to use these batiks that were blue, but also introduced the orange, gold and red.

One of them was mostly blue with a little green, so blended well with what they had sent.

It all worked out well in the end, but I had many moments when I wasn't sure the design was shaping up the way I wanted it to. I also had to find someone to do the quilting on the quilt. I can quilt on my midarm, but I wanted quilting that followed the shape I was trying to enhance...showing unity in the chaos of the design.


Corinne Mittag agreed to take a look at it and listened carefully to what I wanted to show. She understood that I wanted the organic lines of quilting to enhance and follow the quilt design to show that unity. You can really see the lines of quilting well in these pictures that I took out in the bright sunlight. She suggested some pebbles in a few places for interest ( and to get more of the rust colored thread on a fabric I really didn't like.)

I found out around Christmas that my quilt was a finalist, so then I had to get the hanging sleeve sewn on and get it ready to send them for the final judging. Fragments took second place! You can see all of the finalist quilts here on the McCalls Quilting Blog. I loved seeing all of the finalist's designs and wish I could've seen all of the entries. It's fun to see what other people did with the same fabrics!

 I am pretty excited and honored that it will be traveling with the OSQE shows throughout 2017. If you see it at one of the shows, please take a pic for me. I even won a prize...a Sizzix machine, 5 dies and gift card to the Quilt and Sew Shop. The Sizzix has arrived, but I haven't figured out where its new home will be so I haven't tried it out yet.

Fragments closeup. 

Here are some close up pictures of Corinne's beautiful quilting.

Fragments closeup. I love the rust colored thread we picked for the quilting.

It's fun to try a challenge with parameters like this. It makes you really think about your fabrics and what you want them to portray. It's so much different than deciding what you are going to make and getting fabrics to enhance the design. If you haven't tried one yet, I highly recommend it! This is my second quilt that will travel as part of an exhibit with the Original Sewing and Quilt Expos.  Shortcut just returned home in Dec. from the 2016 shows.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

New sampler finished....whew!

I recently finished my new sampler quilt, Optical Illusions. Many of you that have followed my blog for awhile know that I started designing samplers to teach basics and other skills about 13 years ago. This is the 24th sampler I've designed and it's a bit different this time. I've incorporated some of the fun of the Circle and Spin series into pieced blocks so we'll see how it's received. It's quilted and I will get some better pix when it's bound. I will be teaching it in 6 monthly installments beginning on Feb. 28.
I have a group that's been working on Circle and Spin quilts, they are close to completion as you can see!

You will be happy to know that the new sampler is Conrad and Smokey approved.
quiltinjeanie designs

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Microwave Bowl Potholders

I made a bunch of Microwave Bowl Potholders for gifts this year, so couldn't show these before the holidays. They are fast and easy to make...just make sure you use 100% cotton fabric and batting.

I finished the new More Peas in a Pod class model recently too. It's fun to have a new version to play with. I will be teaching Beginning Quilting using this model later this month.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Family Sewing Day...2016

We like to have a sewing day over the holidays while my sister Nancy is visiting from Canada. She and Deb are social sewers and only sew with us. Deb finished her jelly roll race quilt that she started last winter this year when we met by making and sewing on the binding. She is so excited to have it finished!
 Nancy was working hard to finish the quilt she only works on during her visits here...she began it in Jan. 2011. She came to one of my sampler clubs the night after she got in so she could get started and worked all day on sewing day. She finished it a few days before she left. It's gorgeous!
Dec. sewing day
 She left it here so I'm going to take it to be quilted and she will finish by binding it next year.

 Sharon worked on a Summit Pack. She had it all cut out before she came and got most of it finished before she left.
She finished it a few days later and made another one! I love them both!

 Wendy did some beading projects and Mom visited. She recently finished her sewing day quilt from a few years ago and just got it back from the quilter. She will be binding it soon!
I worked on the hanging sleeve for my Quilters Quilt the Blues Challenge quilt and helped the others. My challenge quilt was chosen as a finalist, so I've sent it off to be judged. Hope to hear back soon!

 Dad was around for moral support and opinions...can't do it without him! My nieces had to work, so weren't able to join time!

I've been trying to get caught up and want to start writing the patterns for the new Sampler, Optical Illusions.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Bluebird is finished.

 Details on the class will be coming soon.

 Love the quilting that Cut Up and Quilt did. I bound it with the border fabric.