Friday, October 24, 2014

Do you ever?

Do you ever feel like you have been working but have nothing to show for it? That's how I feel this week. I did get the binding sewn on a new quilt, but I'm not ready to show and tell it yet. Need to get some good pictures and figure out when I'm going to teach it.

I've also been working on a new sampler design, but that has been very frustrating as I haven't come up with a setting I like yet. I try to use a different setting for each one and I have designed 19, so feel like I'm knocking up against a brick wall to come up with an original setting.

I started a new Beginning Quilting class last night...they learned some basics and did a little cutting...they are excited to be learning how to make a quilt. Next week they will have something to show!

I have a UFO Sat. class tomorrow, so that will be fun. I usually help where I can as they get caught up on a quilt, or start something new. Sorry there are no pictures to share today! Happy Friday!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Piecing a back...and voting still open

A few years ago I made this scrappy Tumbler's about 54 x 58, just right for a baby quilt or a throw for just about anyone.  I didn't have time to quilt it at the time. I taught a class on it and put it away.

I got it out last week for the quilt show as someone was doing a demo on tumblers, so I thought they might want another example. So it's been in the back of my mind all week....I have some new pantos to try out too so it would be perfect to try one out on this small quilt. 

After catching up on some cleaning and straightening of the quilt room, I decided to see if I could find something to use for a backing for it so I could get it quilted. I had a nice blue plaid fabric but only had enough for one length and 40" isn't wide enough. I dug around in my fabrics to see if I could find something to pair it up with and came across some scrappy strips that I sewed together a few years ago, just because I had them and thought they would be handy to have sewn together for a piano key border or something. I had enough pieces to fit the length of the quilt and after squaring them up to 17" wide, it would work with the blue plaid to make a wide enough backing. 
 I cut the blue plaid down the middle, so I had two pieces 22" wide and sewed them onto each side of the stripped piece. The stripped section looks really good with the front too.

Close up of the blue plaid.
 I prepped the top as well and they are both ready to be loaded on the machine. I'm excited now to get it finished. I have a class tomorrow night, so maybe I can start it Tuesday after work.

Hopefully you are not getting tired of looking at this quilt!
Voting is still open for viewer's choice at SewCalGal's Red and White Challenge: Show IT... a virtual quilt show featuring red and white quilts that quilters designed and made. Go take a look at the eye candy! To vote, you put your curser over the quilt link you like, and click on the gray heart. When it turns red, you have voted!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lots of class lovelies!

Part of the fun of teaching classes is when someone brings in a finished top to show. George finished his Carpenter Wheel Spin Sampler and showed me pix of it at the quilt show last weekend. (He also emailed it to me!) I love the richness of the colors and his piecing is wonderful.
I have been meeting with an old friend, Kate, for the past few weeks. She wanted to learn how to make a quilt and was here on vacation, so she started with the Cobblestone Path a few weeks ago.  Last week we met to layer, pin and tie it.....
and Monday night she learned how to make and apply her binding. I love the vibrant colors and she is thrilled to be off on her quilting adventures. She is going to Italy soon for work and is already excited that she knows where to find fabric there.
The Ribbon Quartz Sampler club made a pp Crossed Canoes block during class this week. Paper piecing is usually a learning process for most but they did a great job. Deb's quilt is so sunny!
Marilyn had finished her large setting half square triangles, so we had fun placing them on the design wall with the blocks. Laura had been on vacation, and didn't have her blocks with her so she worked on a different quilt.
Tuesday night's Sunbonnet Sue Sampler club made the Lover's Knot block as well as getting the directions to start cutting and adding the sashings.
Marsha's happy block
This group has a great variety of color in their individual fabic choices. That always makes seeing the final quilts really interesting.
Kathy's rich reds and purples

Shirley's bright and playful florals

Nancy's happy blues and greens

Sunny 30s prints
Debbie's soft pastels
Deb's luscious earth tones

Deb finished her block in time to cut and start attaching her sashings.

It's been a busy week of classes and I have my Bookfair going on at school right now too. So part of each day I have the library open for book checkouts and part of each day I have just the Bookfair open for student purchases. It's been going well and tonight is the Family Bingo Night with the Bookfair open as well.

Voting is still open for viewer's choice at SewCalGal's Red and White Challenge: Show IT a virtual quilt show featuring red and white quilts that quilters designed and made. Go take a look at the eye candy! To vote, you put your curser over the quilt link you like, and click on the gray heart. When it turns red, you have voted!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time to vote for your favorite Red and White Challenge quilt!

It's time to head over to SewCalGal's and vote for your favorite red and white quilt in the Show IT: You Designed It/You Made It Red and White Quilt Challenge. This virtual quilt show is for the quilters who designed a red and white quilt and then made it. You can still click on the links and read about each quilter's journey to make their quilt. Then click on the heart in the upper right corner to vote. It couldn't be simpler! This is my entry, Ruby Shadow

The linky party is going on right now for the Show IT: Red and White quilts made with purchased or free designs part of the Red and White Challenge. This phase is for the quilters who have made a red and white quilt in 2014 with a purchased pattern. If you have made one, go over and link up!

Monday, October 13, 2014

A lot of quilty fun!

The CB quilt show went off without a hitch! Here is my "spot". I did demos all day on making free pieced letters. I saw lots of friends and made some new friends! We had two other demonstrators and two speakers with trunk shows for our show.
Trudy made this Modern Cathedral Windows Bed runner for her daughter after taking my class. It is so pretty and I got to snap her pic next to the quilt when she came to the fair.

Our local doll club presented "The Many Faces of Geo". Such an interesting craft and we thought it went along with our modern/art theme. 

 They are even prettier in person!

 Kim and Becky from Cut Up and Quilt were on hand to show how to use some of the newer gadgets they have in at the shop.

Because we were focusing on modern and art quilts, we got some interesting art pieces.
I entered my three Colorplay quilts...since we had some smaller pieces we were able to hang them on the wall.

Lots of interesting eye candy!
My Book Fair at school begins today, so that should be interesting. I am also teaching Sampler classes tonight and tomorrow night. Busy weeks like this just fly by, don't they?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ruby Shadow class

It's been a busy week, starting with the Ruby Shadow class last Saturday. (Now I know the week doesn't technically start on Sat. but some weeks just run together....ok? )

The class went was small but very dedicated quilters who were working hard to get as much done as possible in class. We went through allt he steps and marked each set of block "parts" as they made them so that they could go home with fabric patterns of everything they needed to complete the rest of the blocks.

June decided to use one red batik for her color and was excited to see her blocks come to life! Barb chose four different blues from the same grouping...she making this quilt for a grandson. I loved both of their color choices and can't wait to see them finished!

This pattern is now available in my Craftsy Store if you want to make your own version of this versatile quilt!
I have a Bookfair coming up next week at school, so I had lots to do this past week to get ready for it. The books came yesterday and I spent some time after school with  a PTO friend setting it up. I had to leave before I was finished to teach a class so I am going back this morning to finish the set up.

The Co. Bluffs quilt show, Innovative Piecing: A Look at Quilting Through Today's Eyes is tomorrow so I need to get my entries fluffed and ready to hang....we are setting up for the show later today. I'm doing a demo on making free pieced letters throughout the day, so will get to meet lots of friendly quilters! I'm excited to hear our speakers as well. We have lots of quilty fun going on, so if you live in the area, plan on stopping by!

There is no school today so after I get back from setting up the bookfair I need to get serious with my needs a good cleaning. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ruby Shadow...the Red and White Challenge Show It!

SewCalGal has been hosting the Red and White Challenge all year. It started out with a virtual Quilt Show. It then moved on to a design phase. I don't use red as much as other colors so I thought it would be fun to join in and design a quilt for the  Design It Challenge.  It was interesting to focus on a two color quilt and I came up with a few variations using EQ, so I had to choose which version I would make for the Make It phase of the challenge. I decided on my third variation, Ruby Shadow.

Should I use red fabric on a white background or white on a red background? I liked the idea of the red on a stark white background, so I chose four different reds. I wrote about the process in my Make It Challenge post last month.
It's now time for the Show IT phase of the challenge. Go to SewCalGal's Show IT post and linky party to see the virtual Quilt Show of quilts that were designed and made in 2014 by each quilter. It's interesting to visit each one and see their red and white beauties. This phase of the challenge lasts until Oct. 13 then the Quilt Show starts for the Red and White quilts made from purchased or free patterns. 
While you are there, vote for YOUR favorite red and white quilt in the show! (Update, voting will begin Oct. 14. I will post about it again next week.)
I'm glad I participated in this challenge. It was fun to design a quilt within the parameters of the challenge rules. I loved visiting the other quilters as the challenge progressed to see what they had done. I don't have a lot of time to participate in many online challenges, swaps or other fun activities with my job and class schedule, but I think a challenge like this stretches us as designers and quilters. This challenge worked for me because of it's realistic deadlines. Plus I liked that it was a design challenge. The pattern for this quilt is now available for purchase in my Craftsy store!

Thanks, SewCalGal for inspiring me to go Red and White!