Friday, August 22, 2014

Class magic..

The Sampler Pick group met Wed. night for the last session of this club. It's fun to see these quilts come together as they near the end of the sessions. Kelli had put her frames around most of her blocks...they all look so awesome! She was still working on framing #5 and worked on #6 that night.
Lora's blocks popped with the blue setting triangles and squares.

Lisa brought a quilt to share with us that she made and quilted herself. She is a new quilter just completing Beginning Quilting about 6 months ago.
Her last block involved making 4 of these to make one block, which are somewhat difficult. The small hst finish at 2". I think she did a great job, don't you?

Dorothy worked on the pieced ribbon border that goes around this quilt. It's going to be a beauty.
George didn't put his blocks on the wall, I should've noticed that, but didn't. Hopefully he will bring in the finished top when he gets there.

Debbie from the Sunbonnet Sue club came too, she couldn't come to her class last week. She got her Friendship Star finished and her homework....the Shoo Fly block. I told her the others would be jealous as they got started on the second block but no one finished it.

I will begin a new Sampler Pick Club next month. They always meet on the third Wed. of the month, so if you are interested in picking one of my sampler designs and working on it during these monthly sessions, just let me know. We can meet and look through the 19 designs and pick which one is best for you. Many of them feature new techniques to learn, as well as honing other skills.

I went to Cut Up and Quilt for their monthy CUAQ Therapy yesterday. It was fun. If you have Facebook, you can check out the pictures of everyone's show and tell projects  here. It's always fun to go, find out new products and enjoy the mini quilt show. Sometimes I see student's finishes from my classes too, which I always enjoy.

I also went to a planning meeting about the CB quilt show. Things are coming along nicely, we just need people to start sending us their entries so we can see what we have as far as number of quilts.

I want to get some more quilted on the new quilt today. I have quilted a few rows every day this week and am about half finished. This panto is gorgeous and my favorite but it takes a lot of back control to get it right. So I can't work for long periods of time on it. I've been toying with names for it. right now... "Scattered Thoughts" is my favorite, but we'll see. That's another part of the process, and can be challenging sometimes. I need to write the pattern too. The list just goes on and on. Some days I just have to look at the priorities and go from there. I go back to school next Wed, so I have lots I want to complete before then.

What are you up to today?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sewing day fun!

I sewed with the Tuesday sewing group this week, and finished my little top for the Strip Tube Ruler demo at Cut Up and Quilt for the Aug. 30 Anniversary celebration.  We were playing with some of the leftover jelly roll strips to see what color would look nice as a border. 

 Dianne worked on her Zipper quilt....she is making it for her granddaughter.

 Cheri was working on these cute blocks. She will make them in several different fabrics but using the same pattern. She shopped at a new shop and found fabrics she couldn't live without!
 Jane stopped by with her cup quilt, make out of the appliqued cups from our swap. It is so cute! I really need to get mine out and put them together.

I spent yesterday doing some catch up work at home, quilting a few rows on the new quilt and helping someone cut out a couple of Stack n Whack quilts. I also met with the Sampler Pick group last was their last class and they were all excited to get them finished! A new Sampler Pick group will start in Sept, so if you are interested in picking one of my samplers and working on it over a 6 month period, just let me know!

I have lots on the list for today, including a meeting for the CB Quilt Show later. Hope to get a little sewing in too!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another bag and a quilting start....

I made another Whatcha Got? bag for my niece for her bridal shower. (am I addicted? maybe...)  I put in some goodies, along with a gift card to her favorite shop. Instead of the patchwork front, I used panels of the outside fabric. I like it this way too!
The wedding is in 6 weeks. I got to see her in her wedding dress too, she tried it on because she had some alterations done. She is going to be a gorgeous bride!
I started on the quilting on my new quilt....still un-named. This one has a lot of background, so I decided to use my favorite panto.

I am using a lightly colored thread for some added interest. The background is white with light teal polka dots.
I won't get any quilting done today as I am heading up soon to sew with the Tuesday Sewing group. I am taking the demo blocks that are ready to sew into a quilt and the Which Way is Up? quilt to bind. That should keep me busy! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Kids Camp 2014- officially over...

I had a great time on Thursday with this group of budding sewers....they each made their version of the Carry All Bag. It's always fun to see their ideas and and personalities come out in their fabric choices and how they react to their experience. These girls loved it and were so much fun to work with.

Most of them had some experience sewing, though had never made a bag. It's so much fun to see them leave with a finished project! They were getting tired, but already making plans on how they would use it.
I plan on loading my new quilt on the quilting frame and getting started on the quilting today. I am out of batting, so I need to go get some before I can actually quilt. I will try not to get distracted by the fabric while I'm there. What are you working on today?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Quilting finish

 Recently I made a new version of my pattern, Which Way is Up? It is a  bit larger and doesn't have a border. I wanted to see it made out of batiks...everything is better in batiks, right? Especially when you have a large collection!
 I used the Drift panto by Keryn Emmerson.
 I like to take a picture of the back, though in this case it's hard to see the design. I am going to use this colorful fabric for the binding as well, since it has most of the colors in the quilt.

I finished the quilting yesterday, then worked at prepping and piecing the backing for the new design so it's ready to go on the machine.  I also worked on my models for my demo at Cut Up and Quilt on Aug. 30. I have a small quilt ready to sew together, as well as the demo pieces that I will use to show quilters how the ruler works.
Today I'm heading to my hometown, Earling, for my niece's bridal shower. I made her something, which I'll show you tomorrow...I don't want her to peek! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

He ain't Goldilocks!

 I loaded and began the quilting on a new version of Which Way is Up? the other day. I took a break and when I came back someone was sleeping on MY quilt! I usually close the door as the cats think a quilt pulled tight on the frame makes a nice hammock, but I must've forgotten, or didn't close it tight. Luckily I had rolled it back before I left it so it was resting on the table.
 As you can see, I used many gorgeous batiks for this one, loving the colors and designs all melding together. I do love batiks!

 I am using the Drift panto by Keryn flows well and gives some curviness to an angular design, which  I like. I plan on working on it again today as I have two more that need to be quilted.

 I taught my last Kid's Camp Bag class yesterday. It was fun and I will post the pix tomorrow. One of the young quilters took some of the pix for me, as she and her friends were leaving and I was busy with the girls still finishing. But she forgot to have someone take her picture, so I'm hoping they will take it and send it to me so I have all six.

After class I went out to Cut Up and Quilt to get some fabric and a Strip Tube Ruler for a demo I will be doing there on Aug. 30 as part of their 2nd Anniversary party. It's hard to believe it's been 2 years for them already, but it's sure to be a fun event with drawings, and lots of savings! If you live in our area, mark your calendar and plan on coming by.
I also got some fabric yesterday to back my newest design, so I want to get it put together soon so it's ready to go on the machine when I finish this one. I go back to school on Aug. 27, so have a long list of to-dos to complete before then. Wish me luck!

Someone with a no reply email asked yesterday if I will be teaching a class on the Whatcha Got? bag...I am planning to do so. If you are local and interested in that class, please email me privately at and I will let you know when I post it.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Whatcha Got? Bag

One of my friends had made a Whatcha Got? bag from This and That awhile back. When I saw it, I knew I had to try making one. It was so cute and I loved the fact that you could see through it. I made one while on retreat, and came home and cut out another one. I finished it on Tuesday....
I didn't add the little handle, as I didn't think I needed one, but did add a vinyl pocket inside for extra storage.
I forgot to take a pic of the back. oops!

Yes, they are addictive, but the more you make the faster it goes!
Whacha Got? bag back.
I cut out two more yesterday. These will not have the patchwork fronts, but the same color as the back. I think they will be cute too. There are 2 sizes, but so far I have just made the larger one.
In other blogging business, I have had a problem with commenting on two blogs recently. After I commented, I received a mailer daemon email saying they couldn't deliver the message to the inbox of the recipient. It indicated that it had something to do with their inbox rejecting Yahoo emails. Has anyone else had this problem? I emailed both of the bloggers and found out that they had had this problem with several commenters each. One of them noticed that all 3 of us had yahoo email. Have you had this happen? Does anyone have any idea what can be done to correct this problem?