Monday, January 26, 2015

Lone Star diamonds

Lots of hard work went into getting these pieced diamonds to this point Saturday, but most of it was basic cutting strips and sewing them together. I had given the students the cutting directions for the Lone Star itself so they could have a head start on Sat. Most of them had wasn't sure which order she wanted her fabrics in, so she cut as she went. It was so much fun when they started cutting their strips and putting together their first pieced diamonds.
You can see the progression of color in this set. She wasn't sure about the stripes, but I think they will look great.
Pressed strip sets on the design wall. You can see that you stagger the strips to get the most out of them since you cut them at a 45 degree angle to make the diamonds.

I am offering an extra 3 hour class next Sat. so that they can get more help on the set-in corners and triangles if they want, or just use it as a work day to get more finished. I hope this motivates them to work on getting the diamonds finished before next Sat. I explained how to sew the diamonds together as well as the set-in corners, but it's impossible to get that far in one class. Hence, the extra work day.
I really want to finish my working model, but I've scheduled another class for March, so I can't finish it until after that. I still haven't picked out a background fabric either so that needs to be done too.

I did dig through my fabrics and found a couple more black/gray fabrics, and purchased a few to go with for the Honeycomb Waffle, Too working model. I can't stop making blocks for that. It will probably be bigger than the class model at the rate I'm going. I hoped to get them cut and sewn yesterday, but I worked on writing patterns all day, with a swim break in the middle. Sunday swimming is addictive.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Quilting starts with friendship....

Or maybe it should say New Friendships start with Quilting. You might remember some talented ladies that finished their first quilt right after Thanksgiving. I met with them again last night to begin their next quilting adventure, the Sunbonnet Sue Sampler. It's sort of funny to finish Sue with one group and start another group on it a week later, but that is how it goes sometimes. It's a great quilt for quilters wanting to learn more than just the basics.
Last night they learned about making HST a little bigger than you want them so that you can square them up after they are sewn. I made many HST before I started doing this and even though it takes a little more time to do the squaring up, the blocks go together much smoother when you do. Plus they are more square!


As you can see, they all have very different fabrics, and had fun looking over one anothers' choices.

 The Friendship Star was last night's mission, and when they got it finished, we started work on the Shoo Fly block. Marta got hers finished, the others will show us their finishes next time.
 They are definitely off to a great start!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Last block for Sue!

I met with the Sunbonnet Sue Sampler group for their last class last week...they made the Odds and Ends block. Many of them had their quilt tops partially put together in preparation to finishing it.I didn't get pictures of all of them on the wall, but here are some!

I've always wanted to make this block using scraps, wouldn't that be pretty?

They are going to begin the Point the Way Sampler next month.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Retreat planning day

 My retreat friends and I got together on Sat. to plan the food and games for our upcoming Feb. retreat. It's three weeks away and we're counting the days! Then we spent some time sewing. I worked on sewing the first large diamond together for my Lone Star class model and cutting another set. I love how this looks! That's all I will cut until demonstrating for the class on Saturday.
 Then I worked on making a few more black/gray Honeycomb blocks for that class. I am becoming obsessed with this mostly black/gray quilt. I partially sewed some of the seams together, but can still add more blocks if I want. I got opinions on using the zebra sets, and they all loved them so I worked them in.
Pat brought two show and tells ....her zigzag quilt, which is beautiful with 2 color zigzags.
 And this gorgeous 30's prints rail fence. She gave both of these quilts to Cindy to quilt for her (she has a long arm quilting business).
 Cindy brought her Chevy truck  quilt...she worked on getting this finished at our last retreat and it is now finished, quilted and bound.
 She put a road on the back of it! She delivered it to her brother on Sunday.
 Then she worked on her Sampler Club quilt. It's coming together nicely!
 Dianne worked on her Scattered Thoughts quilt...she has some gorgeous fabrics set on a gray background, so I can't wait to see some blocks finished.
 Rose worked on her last Sampler Club quilt....we all love her fabrics and think she should share.
 Pat was also working on her Sampler Club quilt...she had a problem with the sashings and had to get out her ripper...hate when that happens.
 Diana couldn't come as she had some family obligations. We missed her!

I worked on some class paperwork all morning yesterday...then went swimming with a friend at the senior center. It was my first time in that pool...the water there is so was wonderful. We did water aerobics. I'm not much of a swimmer, but I love water aerobics. I used to go to a class in the summers, but haven't gone for quite a few years. Maybe time to get back into it.

I worked on more paperwork when I got home and will probably do some pattern writing today as I'm home because of the holiday. Are you sewing?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New beginnings for a new Sampler Club

The Highlights Sampler Club Group One met for the first time last night. We spent some time oohing and aaaahing over the new fabrics they were going to cut up for this quilt. That's part of the fun, isn't it? enjoying the fabrics?
They learned a new way to make no waste flying geese, and were amazed at how quickly they came together. This technique works well if you are very careful about your seam allowances and need four that are just alike.
As you can see, there are lots of fun colorways...
I have a second group making this quilt beginning later in the month, so you will see a lot of blocks from this sampler design.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Love a new beginning...

Diana W
Part of the fun of teaching classes is that you get to see the designs come to life in different colorways. I would love to have the time to make each quilt several times, but it just isn't possible with my time constraints. So when I see a pattern I designed, like Scattered Thoughts, being made in different fabric choices, it's especially fun for me.
Lorraine C
Diana W. (top of page) is using fabrics with a graphic twist, while Lorraine and Jane are using batiks.
Jane D
There is a lot of background in this quilt, so it's interesting to see what they choose for that as well. While Diana W and Lorraine went with a light background, Jane, Gina and Diana S chose vibrant tone on tones for their background. That is going to really change the look of the quilt too.
Gina S

Diana S
Kim had a soft pretty floral background...she is also adding green and brown to the quilt. Once they had some of the first sets of blocks made, most of them started sewing more stripsets together so completing the rest of the blocks would be quicker.
Kim C
I am excited to see these quilts finished!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Not much sewing going on.....Scattered Thoughts class today

Scattered Thoughts
It's been a busy week back at work, so not much sewing  going on! I am teaching my newest design, the Scattered Thoughts quilt class today at Cut Up and Quilt, so I'll get to see lots of starts in different colorways for it today. That's always fun!

 We had a weather day from school on Wed. but I worked on the patterns for the new sampler most of the day. I'm still not finished, but getting there.

 My small quilting group met Thursday night....we had fun catching up.
Scattered Thoughts
It was a busy week back at school. I'm pretty behind there, but just keep plugging away at it.

Happy Saturday....hope you are quilting!