Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A quilting finish and a start!

 We won't talk about how long this queen size quilt was on the machine, but Cobblestone Path is now quilted! I finished it the other day.
 These pictures don't really do it justice, the colors are so vibrant!
 I made this a few years ago, just had never quilted it.

 I used a variegated gold thread on the top and gold on the back and the Leafage panto. The backing is more green than this, but it's the best picture I have right now. I made the multicolored binding when I made the top using lots of the leftovers from the quilt, so it's ready to go! I hope to get it bound today.
 I got the Ruby Shadow quilt backing prepped and loaded it yesterday. It's twin size and is going a little faster than Cobblestone Path did...it's almost finished. It makes a difference when I'm actually able to spend most of a day quilting.
 The backing is a red floral so I think the white quilting will look awesome.
I'm off to sew with friends today and then start a new Sampler class tonight, so it will be a very quilty day! Happy Tuesday!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Photos

 It's been a busy week of sewing and teaching....here are some design wall pictures from the two Sampler Clubs that met this week.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The magic is blooming!

You might remember that I taught a Magic Stack n Whack class last week...I was excited to see that the quilters that come to Tuesday Sewing had brought their blocks to work on. Many of them had their blocks finished and ready to set. Pat (above) got her setting triangles cut, cut another section for blocks. and worked on a couple blocks.

Cheri set hers on point Tuesday.
Gretchen had hers almost set on point, but I didn't get a picture of her progress before she left.
Betty is making pieced sashings and cornerstones for hers and had sewn them to many blocks before we left.
Becky had her blocks all finished when she came, so worked on her setting sashings and cornerstones.
Dianne finished making her blocks...don't they look sort of like a starry night or am I just dreaming?
Laura completed three more blocks Tuesday so is half finished with them. She's not sure if she is making a quilt or several smaller projects with them.
We all marveled at how different they all look and how interesting it is to use this method to cut blocks. I can't wait to see the finished quilts!
A few weeks ago we made Diva Frame Wallets on Tuesday under Becky's guidance. Betty had to leave before she finished so I snapped a couple pix of her finished wallet. She is already using it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Do you wait by the mailbox?

I was so excited last week to find out that I was the winner in Terri at QuiltNCards giveaway! She said she was giving away some fat quarters of batiks but I was really surprised when I received them to see how many there were! Fourteen fat quarters and some chocolate too!  Aren't they gorgeous? There is even one that looks like giraffe skin? I am working on a new version of Which Way is Up? out of batiks, so I will be cutting some of them up very soon. My assistant checked it out the minute I laid it all out to get a picture. She loves fabric and quilting!

Thanks Terri for the luscious fabrics and chocolate!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You can't have enough bags!

 I had a great time with these girls and a mystery mom yesterday! They did such a great job and their bags turned out so cute! Jordan had made the Kids Camp projects last year. This was Kelsey's first time at Kids Camp, but she had sewing experience too.
Jordan's mom Andrea took the class too...we all loved her bag too.
She declined the photo session, but these girls are naturals!
 I took these photos when we broke for lunch. They were the "aha!" moment when they could begin to see their bags take shape after lots of cutting, ironing on interfacing and finally...sewing.

 Jordan is in 4H so will be taking her bag to the fair. The Cobblestone Floor Pillow she made in Kids Camp last summer was considered for the state fair.

 Kelsey loaded hers up for the trip home.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Spinning up some fun...and an EQ glitch

I spent some time the other day finishing my Magic Stack n Whack block models that I cut for my class. I plan to make a quilt using both patterns in the quilt together, so I thought it might be good to make a few more blocks in different sizes.
I found the block in EQ and printed out the dimensions for both a 10" and a 14" block (the original blocks are 16" and 12"). I made the rectangular pieces larger than they were on EQ as I had some problems making this block from the EQ pattern when I made the Turning Cartwheels quilt but I eventually got it figured out. The teal block is 10" and worked out ok after several tries. The 14" blocks were trickier and I ended up cutting out the pieces several times before I finally got it right.  ***Note to self: cut a test block, don't just cut out all the pieces for several blocks.
Eventually I realized that more was wrong than just the rectangular pieces, because these blocks were turning out about the same size as the original 16" ones. Hmmmmm.....
But they are really pretty so I guess it doesn't matter!
I would like to note here that I use EQ all the time to see my designs as I work on them and use the graphics I can make there, but I very rarely use the cutting dimensions that you can print out as I can figure that out myself. So I do print out templates for paper piecing and templates for odd shapes and they mostly work out. With this block, it's more difficult to figure out dimensions, so I relied on theirs. I just need to do a test block next time before I cut it all out!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday sewing....and a freebie!

I want to pass along this free binding guide from Landauer Publishing to help you finish your quilts. All you have to get this free downloaded booklet is signup for their newsletter.
I hope you are having a great quilty Sunday. I am working on the quilting on the Cobblestone Path quilt ..it's been a long time since I started it, but I need to get it finished as I have another one I want to quilt soon. What are you working on this weekend?