Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A new project....

Is it too close to the holidays to start a new project? Not when you have a deadline to get it finished! I had cut these five sets of three shades  last week, so have been itching to sew them together and see how they will work for my new project, Honeycomb, Too, from the book ABC 3-D Tumbling Blocks and More. Since I spent a good share of the weekend cleaning, I figured that I could sew without feeling guilty.
Easy strip sets, mindless sewing. I had to cut one set before I quit for the night so I could see how it looked. I hope to get some more cutting done soon and get all of the colors on the design wall.
My sister, Nancy, and her husband arrive tomorrow night for a short visit before they go to stay at our parent's house...she'll be here for about 3 weeks so we will have many family gatherings and a sewing day while she is here. One of these years, she is going to actually finish her quilt! You can see the post of last year's sewing day here

Monday, December 15, 2014

SewCalGal's Handmade Christmas Challenge

SewCalGal has posted the winners of her year long Handmade Christmas Challenge today. She has links to the winners blogs, so you can go back and check out some of those Handmade Christmas gifts and decor. I managed a few gift items and it was fun to think about and post about them months ahead of the big day. My posts are here and here.

 I applaud SewCalGal for encouraging us to make those Christmas items ahead. Challenges like this get us going when we sometimes need that push to motivate us. Thanks, SewCalGal!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Another bag, another pillow....they are so addictive!

I had to make one more small Whatcha Got? Bag out of this fabric. I decided to use an orange zipper for some pizzazz.

 What could YOU put in here?

I made another pillow to go with the pieced pillows I made last week. It reads as a solid, but is actually lots of blue and green lines. I think it looks nice with the others. 

I've been cleaning like crazy in preparation for my sister's visit. It's a good thing I have company once in a while! No class today, so more cleaning for me! Happy Saturday!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Marching along with Sue...

 The Sunbonnet Sue Sampler Club met Tuesday night to make Sue herself. It was their first attempt at using fusible webbing and they did a great job. They had fun choosing which of their fabrics to use for each part of Sue and traded some fabrics so they each had hands and shoes that worked.
 We spent some time admiring everyone's work so far....they all have their sashings cut and in some part put on the blocks.Some had already sewn theirs together into rows!

 It's interesting to see all of the color palettes used and their comments to each other about color choices.

 They meet one more time to make the ninth block in January.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Let's peek through the windows...

The weekend flew by. I taught the Modern Cathedral Windows class  on Saturday...what fun! It's always interesting to see what fabrics everyone chose and watch them come together. Rachel posted this kitty pillow that she made as a Christmas gift using my pattern on Facebook, so I wanted to share. She took the class last year. I like the way the cats are looking different ways so you always see one right side up no matter how the pillow is sitting. I love seeing finished projects from my classes!
Pretty and bright with snowflakes!

 She is making a quilt!
 Yummy blue batiks!

 She loves snowmen, so chose many little ones for her pillow. Unfortunately the pic is blurry, but you can see part of in the picture below. Sorry Diana! Maybe she will send me a finished pic!
Bev and Diana
I did some cleaning Sat. night and Sunday in preparation for my sister's visit. They are coming on the 17th for a 3 week stay in IA. Most of that time they will be at my mom and dad's, but they will stay with me for a couple of days when they get here. They like to do some shopping plus I get her all to myself for some chat time! I wish I could say I was finished cleaning, but not so. I will continue this weekend.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The binding is on... we have quilts!

Diane and Avis
The last session of Beginning Quilting met Thursday night to learn how to make and attach binding. Mission accomplished! Laural couldn't join us, so I hope to have a picture of her finished quilt soon too! That first quilt is so much fun and these ladies did a wonderful job. They are hiding their happy smiles, but they were there!

I'm teaching a class today on the Modern Cathedral Window Pillow. I've taught this technique quite a few times but it's always fun. I will also demonstrate the traditional, hand pieced method, which is a mystery to most of us when we see a finished Cathedral Window quilt. A lot of work, but gorgeous in the end. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's like putting a puzzle together....scrappy goodness!

I wanted to make some pillows for Christmas gifts, so I started looking through my fabrics to see if I could find some I could use.  I didn't really have a pattern in mind, but I did have several colors in mind that would match another project. As I was searching,  I found some flying geese that I made last year when I did a demo at our LQS, Cut Up and Quilt so I pulled them out and started playing with layouts
It's fun trying to make something out of scraps or scrap blocks, and I knew there would be lots of ways I could use these blocks. 

I decided on this star type block and was even able to use a pair of two color flying geese in the middle that I didn't think I would ever use. I found a teal floral print for the envelope back. Do you make envelope backs for your pillows? I always do as it makes them easier to wash.
For the second one, I just lined up those geese and started sewing. I debated using the pink floral ones as they were made with a slightly pink fabric instead of the white, but I decided that since it was scrappy, it would work. I found this blue and green for the back.

TaDa! Two down, one more to go. It won't be pieced, but a fabric that complements these pieced pillows. 
I am almost finished with my Christmas sewing. I want to make one more Whatcha Got? Bag. They are fun to make and go pretty quickly now that I've made several! Are you still working on projects for Christmas gifts? 

I am linking up with SewCalGal's last Handmade Christmas Challenge for this year. Follow the link and see what other bloggers are making for Christmas decor and gifts.