Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Stuff....Class...Shopping...Walking...Chatting...all in all a good one!

Saturday started with a UFO class. 6 ladies came and worked on UnFinished Objects and chatted up a storm for 4 hours. These days are always fun and yesterday was especially so because a gal who was in a motorcycle accident 10 weeks ago is finally feeling better and able to drive, so came in to see friends and work on her LeMoyne Star Stack~n~Whack. It turned out that 4 of them worked on that quilt, so we got to see the patterns as they got the blocks done. My sister Deb also stopped in, as she was down shopping with friends, so after class was over, I shopped with her for a little while.

Later in the evening, I went for a walk on the Pedestrian Bridge (a suspended bridge over the Missouri River linking Omaha, Ne and Council Bluffs, IA) with my sis-in-law Denise and her grandson. He had been to some Halloween parties so had camouflage paint on his face, not dirt! I have gone before, but always during the day. It was beautiful last night, coolish but not cold. The lights are awesome at night. There are some stick things in a garden that sway in the breeze and have lights on top. They are so cool, but I didn't get a pic as I only had my phone & I didn't think it would take well. Next time I will take my camera....

I have been busy today updating my website with some new classes, did some paperwork for class and last but the most fun, I did some machine quilting. I haven't done much lately as I have been babying my back, but did a table runner so it didn't take long. I did a meandering stitch, which I like to do and it works well on small projects.

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