Sunday, December 13, 2009

Computer issues, part 2

After a lot of craziness, I have my computer up and running again, but not sure it is for long. So I thought I would post and say hi while I can get on.

We had 3 snow days last week, so you can guess what I did for 3 days...if you guessed quilt, you are CORRECT! I finished one quilt, got all the blocks done for the new Sampler, made 2 baby quilts (now need to quilt them).  I went shopping today and got a good share of it done. I have class tomorrow night, but will try to catch up a bit (reading) here too.


Fiesta said...

Jean welcome back. I had 3 flu days and I am off to work again today. 5 full days and 3 half days and like you I will be able to quilt. How much longer for you?

Pat said...

Glad the computer is letting you check in with us. Maybe it will surprise you and behave for awhile now.