Monday, June 20, 2011

Twisterweave Mystery Class

 The Twisterweave Mystery Class met for the 2nd time to work on their 2nd clue Saturday. When you are doing a mystery quilt, you have to think a lot about how the colors will relate to each other. You don't know what you are making, so you have to go by the color suggestions you are given. In this mystery, there has to be one fabric that is definitely dark compared to the others. Then you need a light to work as a background, 2 that are medium in color (which I think is the hardest to decide), and a light.
 I gave them a color chart that has the colors I used on the pattern, so they can tape snips of the fabrics to them. That way it is easier to keep on track using the correct fabric in the correct place.
As I took pictures of everyone's Clue 2 pieces, Jane was busy playing with her pieces from Clue 1 and mixing them with Clue 2 to see if she could figure out the mystery.

This clue uses their dark, a medium and their background/light.
 Will she figure it out?
 I think all of their color choices are going to work out well.
Maybe she will figure out something else that is just as interesting...
They will find out next Saturday how their clues come together to make this quilt!

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cookie said...

so nice of you to share the pictures.
it be interesting to see the myterie resolving