Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A new round robin....paperpiecing a block...a helper...

I have a group of friends that have gotten together every other month or so for years. We did a block round robin several years ago and later on we all did our magic on an Ocean Song panel. At our last gathering, one of them suggested we do another round robin, but this time it will be a medallion round robin.  So when we meet next week, we are supposed to bring a block. It has to be at least 12". I wanted a block that would stand out since it would be the focal point of the quilt. I had seen  the paperpieced Circle of Geese  on another blog, and loved it so decided to make it, with a little variation. I wanted the points colorful too.

 I had to choose 12 colors, as I wanted to reuse each twice. Plus I wanted the points lighter than the geese, so that (hopefully) it would look 3D.  It didn't take much of each fabric.  Here is one quarter finished.
 You can see how helpful Smokey can be!
See that tail? It swishes around while I am sewing and almost gets under the needle.
 Yea, I'm talking about you.
 Since I was using so many colors and the pieces are fairly small, I marked each one with the color I was going to use so I wouldn't get mixed up. If you make it with just the geese, you use the background on all of the pointy sections.
 Here is the second quarter finished.
 I needed 2 of each quarter to make my block.
 Ready to sew together.
 This pattern makes a 12" block. I wanted to take the paper out before I passed it on, plus I wanted it a bit bigger, so I added a 2" border of the background fabric.

All done! I am excited to see what the others will make for their center block.
Quilting can wear a girl out!


JustCindy said...

Your block is beautiful!

Deb said...

Your post made me laugh, Jean! You and Smoke make a great quilting duo. It's always important to have a feline supervisor, I've learned. Or at least that's what MY cat tells me. That said, she appears to have assisted you in sewing a gorgeous block!

Julianne said...

I love that block.. I cn't wait to see how it is finished.

Smokey is the superviser. LOL

Chris H said...

There is only one word for that block: WOW!!!

Angie Kritenbrink said...

super cool!

Karen said...

As always, I love your color choices. The next person to get your block is going to have fun.

Chris H said...

Oh Jean, sorry for pinching your photo!
I hope you don't mind too much... I gave you credit and linked the photo back to your blog once you let me know.
I read so many blogs in one sitting I often forget where I got a picture from... thanks for reminding me!

Quilter Kathy said...

Fabulous center block!

Unknown said...

Yay!! You are doing paper piecing too! I love your block and definitely the helper too!