Saturday, August 13, 2011

A little craziness in my life.....but I have the letters caught up!

I have spent the past few days quilting as well as trying to figure out what is going on with my computer. My computer "died" the other night. I took it in and it was determined it wouldn't be worth fixing. So I bought a computer Thursday, but took it back last night because it started to repair itself...on it's own. Now I think that computer is too smart for me! Actually I guess it bogged down while trying to do an update, that is what the guy at the store told me. So it tried to fix the problem. But I don't want a computer that has problems the first day I own it. So I took it back and got a different one. We'll see how this goes.
 I got my letters all caught up for the Red Letter Quiltalong (aren't ya proud, Lynne?) in between quilting yesterday. Love the P... if it looks like it will be too squat after the seam allowance, I can move the left "leg" over to the right a bit. I hope it works like this, though.
I like the quirkiness of the Q, though the hole in the center turned out smaller than I wanted. I still like it, though.
 Love the R!
 Not so sure about the S. Lynne hasn't shown us the S yet, but I was on a roll so I looked back at some of her Ses and gave it a whirl.
 An easy peasy T. What could be easier?
 Here are all of my letters so far. I forgot to put the lil girl up with them. Only 6 left, though I may redo my S after I see Lynne's tutorial.
Here is the St. Marks quilt. I went up this morning and did a few rows, shouldn't take long to finish it now. This panto is pretty intense, so I have to take breaks every few rows or my back starts complaining.  I love the thread I am using, it really blends well. I am pretty excited to see it finished. I have the binding made, so it will just be a matter of getting it sewn on.


Millie said...

Jean, You're doing GREAT! AWESOME job on the R, and I can see what hung you up on the "S." Tonya's got a terrific way of making the S, so check out her instructions! Nice Q, too!


Quilter Kathy said...

Your letters look amazing...great job!
I will try to catch up to you this week.

Chris H said...

That Q looks darn tricky, and I like your S.

Vivian said...

Doggone computers --> great when they're working; a headache when they play games with us.

That Q really does look tricky. Love your alphabet!

Deb said...

Have you noticed how much more you can accomplish when the computer ISN'T working? Tee-hee! You have been a crazy woman with all the sewing and quilting! You go girl!!


Susanne (flicKwerk) said...

You've been busy catching up with the letters! They are all great! Even if the S is not perfect, I love it.

Karen said...

Love the St Marks quilt. And way to catch up on the alphabet blocks! The letters are going to be so much fun to use in your quilts.

Sharon said...

Your letters look great! I like your Q AND your S. I'm still debating whether or not to do this alphabet thing. It's calling to me.