Monday, March 19, 2012

Some Sunday sewing...

 I guess I was still celebrating National Quilting Day yesterday...after doing some cleaning and laundry I worked on the baby quilt I started Saturday for awhile. I played around with some ideas and finally decided to go with four patches using some of the animal prints I had. Now I need to decide what to do to fit the name in. It only needs about 6" to make it the same width as the rest, so I could just add some of the background to make it the same size and call it good. I definitely want background above and below the name. I have that really cute fabric to use on the border, too. I'm excited to get it finished.
 It is hard to get a good pic of Conrad, since he moves all the time and if the light isn't right, you can't see his face since he is so dark.
 I think these turned out nicely.
He has grown so much!


Susan said...

The baby quilt is coming along that blue with the animal prints!

Sharon said...

The baby quilt is so cute - and I love that you're putting the baby's name on it. Your letters look great - as always!

Conrad is a very handsome kitty. I know what you mean about black cats - very hard to get a good photo. But yours look good!

Miss Hillbilly said...

I didn't get to celebrate it at all...I think there should be a 'Year of the Quilt'.