Monday, April 23, 2012

Hollow Cubes and bindings

 I spent a lot of time sewing this weekend! I got all of the Hollow Cube strip sets that I had sewn cut into triangles. I have the additional strip sewn to 2 of the color sets. Here is a preview....I had to put some up on the wall to see how they were turning out! I love this 3D optical illusion!
 A lot of you know that I have a "few" quilts that need bindings. I sorted all of my tops last summer into "needs" categories. Some need bindings, some need to be quilted. I didn't post the full list, as it is l-o-n-g and I do have some pride! I sewed the binding on one of them yesterday, the Puzzle Quilt. I taught this class last year 3 times, so it hung for a long time on display quilted, but not bound. At least it was quilted, right? The scrappy binding was all made and ready to go. I have been trying to make the binding when I finish the top, so I am not looking all over for something that matches when I finally do get around to binding it.

I sewed binding on 2 other quilts Saturday, will take pix later and show you. These were not on "the list", but more recently made. I also took a trip to one of my favorite quilt shops yesterday. More on that later.
Conrad is almost as big as Smokey now. Here they are a few months ago. Look at that fluffy tail! It is so long. I have a feeling he will be bigger than her before he's finished growing!


Rosa said...

These cubes are soectacular.I love,love!!

Cookie said...

Love the cubes. This is a must on my to do List. lol.
I always feel very good after I sew the binding on. Its a great feeling of accomplishment.

your cats are cute.

JustCindy said...

Love the hollow cubes.

Ivory Spring said...

Those cubes are something else.