Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Money Laundering & a hoard of dishes

I came by this money legally, really. 
It all started with cleaning. I know, you aren't supposed to clean when there is sewing to be done, but I had a lot of dishes to do.

 I have a lot of tea sets. They aren't fancy sets, or expensive sets. Just some that I have been given or have purchased over the years. I also have some stoneware that my sister has brought from Canada. It all collects dust, unfortunately, that you can only ignore so long.
 It is easier to wash them than it is to dust them, so I just kept washing them up, cleaning the shelves and then putting them back again. At one point, I pulled a $20 bill out of the water. Evidently I had stuck it in one of the containers with lids and forgotten it. Found money! the best kind!
I am downsizing, so have given a friend's daughter some of the tea sets. Hopefully she will enjoy playing with them. I also took down some other soft crafts that I had made, but am ready to pack away for now. I even threw some stuff away! I am not a hoarder, but I like my little stuff sitting on shelves. And I have lots of beautiful oak shelves that my dad has made over the years. So for now they are looking a little "cleaner" and less cluttered.

 I also have a small tea cup collection that my sister keeps feeding. I love them...they are not going anywhere! They are in my hutch, so didn't get a bath yesterday. I will show them off one of these days.

My sister-in-law made this porcelain doll for me many years ago. She has been hanging out on the piano since then, and her dress was very dusty, to the core. Usually I just brush her off, but this time I decided to try washing it. I figured if it still looked bad I could make her a new one. Here she is, waiting for it to dry. It looks almost as good as new.

I still have a few more shelves to empty and a few more dishes to wash, as well as some more downsizing the stuff sitting around, but it's a start.

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My 'mad' money is stored in teapots all over the house. When we moved (many years ago), I went around with small ziplock bags and 'collected' the cash out of the teapots before I packed them up. I didn't want to lose any coins or bills in the packing paper. No, I didn't count the money, it makes it too easy to want to spend it. I wait till something 'big' comes along, then go raid the teapots. My guys think its funny!