Saturday, April 7, 2012

A starter day...

 I sewed the stripsets together for the Hollow Cube, Too, quilt on Tuesday, so I was ready to start cutting them into triangles yesterday. This is one set of three colors. I can see this quilt will be somewhat labor intensive, like the tumbling blocks, but it will be worth it in the end.
I also cut the matching flat trapezoids. Next step, sew them to the triangles! Maybe later...
Then I sewed the back together for this baby quilt. I am using this border fabric on the back. You can't really see the design here, I will look at the name of the panto later and fill you in. I think it looks like the top of a palm tree, so thought it would look great on this one.  I got one row quilted when my daughter called and asked me if I wanted to go shopping.  So that is as far as I got with it. I plan on working on it later as well. 

I designed a quilt block for the Accuquilt Barn Quilt Design Contest, so have been working on it too. You can turn in the computer file picture of it, so that is what I did, but I wanted to make it as well. I finished the paper pieced middle the other night, only to discover that the paper had moved a bit (I was using the freezer paper method and didn't notice until it was too late). So I have to redo two parts of that section, which wouldn't be that big of a problem except I used fabrics from my stash, so don't have a lot left of a couple of them. Hopefully it will work out. I am giving it (or me) a couple of days to chill.... They will post the top 100 blocks on April 11 and open it up for voting, so I will let you know if I make it into that group!

Lots to do today...better get busy!

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Cookie said...

the hollow cube will be a stunner.
so many things to do and so little time.