Sunday, January 6, 2013

Flyaway, flyaway again

I spent some time the past few days working on these flying geese blocks. I made a small quilt back in Sept. to take to a demo I was doing and decided I wanted to make it bigger. I have almost enough blocks finished, but think some of them are too busy (large polka dots, for one) to go with the others, so today I am going to make some more. Hopefully there will be enough eventually to have a nice mix of colors and I can start sewing it together!
I don't often take pictures of quilts in my sewing room, but I have my extra table set up right now so it is the perfect place this morning.  It's not a large room, and I have my computer, TV and sewing machine in it, but with 6 windows with south and west exposure, it is usually bright and cheerful. 

Winter break is over and it's back to school for me tomorrow. That means I'm back to the job of putting together the new library. Even though I got the main job of putting the books on the shelves finished before break, there is still a lot to do. I bought the pillows yesterday to go inside the new pillow covers I made last week, so it will be fun to see how they look next to the big window. I will be open for student checkouts tomorrow, so I will just have to gradually get things finished in between. 


Karen said...

Your geese are looking good. It's going to be so cute!

Fiesta said...

I love these Jean. The colors are yelling spring please arrive.