Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm so behind on posting....

     This week has gone by so fast. My class last Saturday went well, with lots of ladies sewing feverishly to get their blocks made. It's amazing what people can get done when they have uninterrupted sewing time.    

 I had two of my three monthly night classes this past week, so that kept me busy Monday and Wednesday nights. It's fun watching student's skills improve as they progress on a sampler quilt.
I am still playing catch-up at school, as I try to familiarize myself and the students with the new library. All the books are in new places! I still have a list of things to get done, but it is slow going. It is hard to get into a routine too, though I know it will come. It sort of feels like a new job. But it is really nice to walk in to such a beautiful place to work each day and it will eventually come together.

My daughter and I went to my hometown for another great-nephew's birthday party Sunday. He was the second of three great-nephews born in the last year. I had a great is the birthday boy with his books from us. 
 Here is last month's birthday boy with his grandma.
 Love that cake!


Chris H said...

Love all the photos, and the babies. So cute.

VeeV said...
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