Monday, February 18, 2013

Love those pillows!

The beginning piecing class, Flop-Easy Floor Pillow, was great fun on Saturday. Learning how to use the rotary cutter and sewing straight seams can be a challenge, but these budding quilters did a wonderful job. Love these pinks and blacks!
This was Whitney's first sewing project, so she enjoyed every minute until she had a beautiful pillow.
Mia took a beginning quilting class last summer. She is getting really proficient at sewing straight seams. It all takes practice.

This is how some folks in my house spend Sunday.... I worked on a design for the next Sampler, finished sewing on a border on the quilt Smokey is sleeping on and did a bit of cleaning. My daughter came over for supper as we celebrated my husband's birthday.

My retreat is coming up this weekend so I have to get ready for that this week. I have a class Wed. night and leave right after work Thursday night. They are predicting a blizzard for Wed. night, so I am not happy about that! I don't care if we get snowed in once we get there...that happened to us last year!  We are going about 40 miles north of here, so it could be a problem. Right now they aren't sure how much we will get, so I hope it is just a few inches.


Susan said...

What a wonderful beginner project...they all look great too!

Karen said...

Hope you can make it to your Retreat. The pillows are great! What fun.

Chris H said...

Fingers crossed you got there!