Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Sunday Sewing

 Does this look comfortable to you?

I spent most of Sunday sewing. I made quite a mess as I went through some of my smaller batik pieces to do some paper piecing. I find paper piecing is more fun when you don't have to worry about what fabric goes next.  So this project is going to be scrappy.

 I don't know if everyone makes this much mess when paper piecing, but I seem to. Since I am making each block scrappy, I can use some of the leftover bits on the smaller areas of another block.
How do you precut your fabrics for paper piecing? I usually cut strips and then use the straight edge to line up with the last piece.  I made the blocks yesterday using the freezer paper method, so I don't have to tear off the paper when I'm finished. I am debating whether or not to teach it this way. I usually teach pp the traditional way, sewing right to the paper, but I really prefer this method. People seem to have a resistance to pp because of past problems, and I hope that by doing a scrappy project it might be a little more appealing to most quilters. 


Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

That's a nice paper pieced design. And great for that scrappy look you are after! I usually use up odd shapes when I paper piece. I am not familiar with the freezer paper method...will have to look into it. If I understood you, we don't have to rip the paper away when using freezer paper??

Julianne said...

Paper piecing is not my favorite way to piece. I hate removing the paper.
So I might like the freezer paper method. When I do paper piece I cut my fabric in strips or a nice big shape to make sure it is larger than I need. I have learned that it is better to trim than to not have a seam allowance.

Angela said...

My cat/ kitten who is about 6 months or so does the same thing. I have to grab scraps for my leader and ender project from underneath her cause she is not going to move for anything. Except. Food.

giddy99 said...

No, definitely not comfortable-looking, but FUNNY!