Thursday, May 16, 2013

I had two Sampler Clubs meet this week. I didn't remember to take pictures Monday night, but did take some last night. Usually everyone makes the same sampler design, but this class is called Sampler Pick. They can choose any sampler quilt from the 17 I have designed over the years. We meet once a month for six sessions and they work on the quilt during those classes, sometimes with "homework" to finish before the next class. It's a great way to teach new techniques, plus the students can try out a block that they might not try otherwise. You can do anything once! 

I always use different blocks and a different setting for each quilt design, so it's a challenge for me to come up with a new design every 6 months or so.   Actually the challenge is what drives me, though it doesn't always seem like fun while I'm in the process!

The blocks in the top picture were made by a student who has made thirteen of my sampler designs. She is a meticulous piecer and enjoys the process of trying out different blocks. She also likes learning new techniques.

The other two students in the class are working on their first sampler with me. They each chose a different one and are beginners who are jumping in with both feet and doing a really good job! They are  working on the Snake Dance Mystery quilt as well. I have met so many nice quilters teaching classes. It's very rewarding in many ways, but watching their skills grow and their enthusiasm is wonderful!


Barb said...

Enjoyed seeing those blocks...everytime I see blocks people are making, I want to make them too.....

Chris H said...

I think your job must be so much fun!
I am going to be working on my big Dresden Plate quilt for most of this year, now that I've found it!
Have you ever done a Convergence Quilt? I did a small one years ago and that's something I want to try again.