Monday, May 6, 2013

Modern Cathedral Windows Pillow class

 It might have been gloomy and rainy outside Saturday, but it was sunny and springy in the classroom at Cut Up and Quilt as these quilters worked on a new technique.
They enjoyed learning this technique for making an old favorite. Midway through the day, I demonstrated how to make a Cathedral Window block the traditional way too, as I think many of them were as mystified by that block as I was the first time I saw it. 
 I also have a sample of Cathedral Windows blocks put together in the traditional fashion, that a student gave me awhile back. She found them at a thrift store, and gave me one. You can tell they are made from muslin and scraps, and have been washed. We couldn't believe how heavy it was! It's only about 16 - 18" sq.

 Here it is from the back. She had more pieces, so I think the quilter had put them together in sections, and was going to make it a large quilt, but never got it finished sewing the sections together. Sort of sad.
I wish I would find good stuff like this when I go thrifting!
 Several of the quilters seemed worried about making this, but once they got a few windows done, they agreed that this method is very doable!

 They made so much progress, two even finished their pillow tops!

If you missed this class, I will be teaching it again in June, just check the Upcoming Class Page for dates and times.

Tonight I'm getting together with a small group of quilty friends for our bimonthly gathering. We always have a great time! We need to talk about a new group project to work on. I have a few ideas, hopefully they will too!

Off to another Monday at work. Three weeks left until summer break!


Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

Those are so cute! Love the ones that show the extra bit of fabric!

Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

Do these wrinkle up as much as the old fashioned method after washing? I like shrinkage in a quilt...

Rachel said...

Not surprised Jeanine finished her top...that speedy sewer! Very nice Jean, hope to take that class sometime but your May and June dates are not working for me.

Fiesta said...

They are all wonderful. Great memories of when I worked on. Mine

Karen said...

I love seeing all the color combinations. Wonderful pillows!

Kerstin said...

great pictures. I would love to come to your class. Its just to far.
you should over a online class.