Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quilting and more quilting....

What is it about quilting that attracts cats? I was sewing the backing sections together on Monday, and set them down at the machine to sew and Conrad came along and plopped right down on it. He wasn't too happy when I disturbed him to pull the fabric straight either!
 Sometimes when I am working on backs, I turn my whole kitchen counter into an ironing surface to make it go quicker using a small quilt and a clean sheet over it.  I pressed the top on it too. It works great.
 I got a few rows quilted. I am using the Leafage panto that I used on the mystery quilt. I think it will show up well on the borders and add some interest and texture.
 This low key variegated thread looks good with these fabrics.

Since school is out for the summer, I will have more time to quilt! I can't wait to get this one finished.


Needled Mom said...

That looks so nice. I love that panto design.

Kerstin said...

lovely quilt and awesome quilting.

Karen said...

That's was a great choice for the quilting. It's going to look lovely!

Julianne said...

It does look great on this quilt.. I bet it works on a lot of quilts.
Happy quilting.

Sharon said...

Nice quilting, and Yay! for summer vacation!

My kitties are helpful like that too. They don't understand why they have to move when I want the fabric - silly boys!