Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Little Progress...

 I spent a little time last night quilting. I'm using Leafage, by Keryn Emerson. It's one of my favorite pantos and I'm not sure why...but I really like it. I like curvy patterns and this one covers well and quilts evenly.

 I spent some time looking for a fabric for the binding and I'm considering this purple batik. I want the binding to be dark since the quilt goes from lighter to darker on the edges.

The border fabric is a combination of blue, navy, black and purple, so I think it might work and will look good with the goldish/brownish with pink  backing fabric.
At school, I'm preparing for my bookfair in two weeks. I spent some time working on the letter home yesterday and some other paperwork that has to be finished. I want to hang the posters today when I get there. Once I open after the kids arrive, I have a hard time working on other things! I'm usually busy helping kids find books and checking them out. Right now I have a large pile of books to put away...sigh....hopefully I will find the time to work on that today too! 


http://thankfullga447 said...

The batiks just pop, it makes a great design.

Julianne said...

Beautiful quilt. That binding will be perfect.