Monday, October 21, 2013

Busy busy baby quilt...

I finished sewing the blocks together on the Lotus baby quilt yesterday. I  love the colors and patterns! This quilt pattern is fast and easy to make. I made a couple of versions last out of batiks. Now I need to get a backing fabric and get it ready to quilt.

I also spent some time on class prep stuff.  I had cut some samples using the ZigZag ruler during the demos I did at Cut Up and Quilt in Sept.  I will be teaching that class next month and I want to have as many visuals as possible, so I sewed some of them into squares. I'm not going to sew them together right now, they are more fun to play with this way. Then I got some strips ready for a demo for class.

Then I cut some demo pieces for the Central Park class this weekend, and got the paperwork ready for the Starflower Cascade class. Teaching classes is more than making a model and showing up for class...there's a lot of prep work involved. I like to show variations on patterns too, if I can, so that people get some other ideas of what to do with the same pattern during class. Especially if they are buying a specialty ruler. Those rulers make our lives easier, but they add up! If you are going to use them multiple times, they seem like a better buy.

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Kerstin said...

I like your Quilts. the Lotus quilt is on my to do list. Im still looking for the ruler. So far I did not find it here in Germany and I might have to ende up ordering it from the states.