Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More modern quilts from the AQS Modern Quilt Challenge...

I'm really glad I took pictures of so many of the quilts in the AQS Modern Challenge on Saturday, as now I can look at them more closely again. There were so many quilts exhibited in DM that it was hard to appreciate them all. 

One of the other challenge quilters, Teri,  emailed me before the show. She found me through my post about the show here and we started chatting. She lives in Maryland and was not able to come to the show, so I told her I would take some pictures of her quilt (above) for her. 

 Her quilt has a lot of triangular shapes in the quilting as well as the colorful triangles on the quilt. There is also a maze to follow through the quilting. She sprinkled triangles on the back of the quilt and appliqued them down so that the back is  interesting too.

The one below was individually made snakes interwoven together on the quilt. It was cool! You can click on the pictures to enlarge.

 I like the balance of big and small in the quilt below.

 The blue lines and orange circles fascinate me...how did the quilter get the balance just right?

Are you starting to feel like you went to the show with me?


Vivian said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos, Jean. It looks like I missed some in the Modern Challenge section. I obviously missed an aisle. Such variety from one Q to the next.
I remember that snake quilt well. I went around a corner and said "WOW" and two quilters came running, wondering what someone said "WOW" about. It was really cool.

Rosa said...

Fantastic.Hard to choose only one favorite.Thanks for the pics!

Rosa said...

Fantastic.Hard to choose only one favorite.Thanks for the pics!