Monday, May 5, 2014

More pretty windows!

 Every time I teach the Modern Cathedral Window Pillow class it's like a new adventure. New ideas for background fabrics, new windows to fill. Patti had 5 fabrics to play with as well as her white background. She used three of them in the ovals that show up once you make your windows. Then she started fussing cutting shapes from her different fabrics. We loved that she had birds to place in the windows.
 Audra chose reds, evidently she has a large red collection so she had many to choose from. This one will be so striking!
 Karen wanted something in fall colors and chose this mottled background to show them off on. She is thinking of making a quilt out of hers. Wouldn't that be gorgeous?

I spent most of the day working on a new quilt pictures to share yet, but the top is finished and I'm ready for backing. I might make a large quilt block for part of the back...I have plenty of fabric left...still deciding if I want to take the time to do it or not.

Happy Monday!
my Modern Cathedral Windows Pillow

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Maggi said...

Lovely and I really like the addition of the birds.