Friday, May 16, 2014

Those first quilts are coming along....

 Last night the new quilters' blocks became a quilt center during the  More Peas in a Pod Beginning Quilting class. It was pretty exciting to see them come to life! We had time to start the first border, so learned how to measure through the center and near the sides and it was encouraging to see those measurements come out the same. As each quilter got to that point, we measured, cut borders the right size, marked each and pinned them on to sew. I think they are finding out that pinning is one of the most important aspects of precision piecing.
They did a great job and will finish putting this first border on before the next class. Three of the students couldn't come last night, so will come another night next week to make up their class before next Thursday.

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Maggi said...

The borders frame that centre beautifully.