Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tuesday sewing fun!

 There's a group of quilters that meet on Tuesdays to sew, and in the summer I join them. Tuesday they had plans to make this cute clutch wallet, Diva Frame Wallet and I couldn't wait to make my own.
 I'm usually teaching classes, not taking them so it was a fun experience! This clutch has a metal frame that Becky had ordered for us, along with the hardware. You were supposed to use some of the outer fabric for the card holders inside, but mine was a deco fabric, so I only used it for the zipper pocket. You can see the card pockets better on some of the other ladies' wallets.
 I chose this fabric because I had made a smaller bag to use when shopping or at quilt shows out of it last year and thought it would be fun to have a matching wallet. (Side note: I tried to pass this around when I got it finished so that everyone could help me fill it up! I didn't have any takers.)

Here are the other quilters' wallets!
 She loaded hers up right away.
 They are all so cute!
 Good pic of the card holders. You also have a pocket behind the card holders and the zipper pouch!

 Here is our teacher! After most of us were finished, she finished the model she had partially made to show us the steps.

 There is pink, of course!

 Pat always likes green and me!

 I left for about an hour and a half and when I came back, Becky had made another one!
 Betty had to leave before she finished hers, so hopefully I'll get a pic of it next week. These are so much fun and easy to make...we all want to make more! Have you made a wallet like this?

After I finished my wallet, I worked on a new version of Which Way is Up? that I'm making out of batiks.

I am going to be hosting a giveaway next week for a special event....stay tuned!


Karen said...

What a fun wallet, you can make it exactly as you want it. Love all the different colors.

Julie Zeigler said...

What a fun project and I love the green quilt in the background of Pat ' s picture!

Maggi said...

A great project and each looking so different.