Thursday, July 17, 2014

The magic is blooming!

You might remember that I taught a Magic Stack n Whack class last week...I was excited to see that the quilters that come to Tuesday Sewing had brought their blocks to work on. Many of them had their blocks finished and ready to set. Pat (above) got her setting triangles cut, cut another section for blocks. and worked on a couple blocks.

Cheri set hers on point Tuesday.
Gretchen had hers almost set on point, but I didn't get a picture of her progress before she left.
Betty is making pieced sashings and cornerstones for hers and had sewn them to many blocks before we left.
Becky had her blocks all finished when she came, so worked on her setting sashings and cornerstones.
Dianne finished making her blocks...don't they look sort of like a starry night or am I just dreaming?
Laura completed three more blocks Tuesday so is half finished with them. She's not sure if she is making a quilt or several smaller projects with them.
We all marveled at how different they all look and how interesting it is to use this method to cut blocks. I can't wait to see the finished quilts!
A few weeks ago we made Diva Frame Wallets on Tuesday under Becky's guidance. Betty had to leave before she finished so I snapped a couple pix of her finished wallet. She is already using it!


Kelly Parker said...

They are all beautiful! Keep up the amazing work!!

Maggi said...

Wonderful work. It is really good to see how they are progressing and how different they all look.