Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hottie Hotpads and the giveaway is still open!

I spent a little time the other day making some hottie hotpads for a Christmas gift. I had used this print a few years ago to embellish some towels, and had these pieces left. They are a very simple design and easy to make.
I backed them with this apple print and used the leftovers to make another hotpad with a pocket to stick your hand into.
Hopefully they will make cooking a bit more fun!

I don't always get to see the finished quilts from my classes, but here are two finished Miss Tess quilt tops. The celebration giveaway continues until midnight Friday... you can enter here. Remember that if you comment and you are a no reply blogger, I don't have your email and I can't contact you. So please enter your email in the comment if you are not sure. 

Notice that these quilters used the same fabric for their half blocks along the top and bottom, which adds a different look. I love it when quilters take a design farther!
Lots to do today. I finished the Honeycomb Waffle, Too quilt top yesterday (pix soon!) and want to get it on the quilting machine today. I also have packages to wrap....where did the time go? My daughter is coming over tonight to celebrate Christmas and open gifts and we are going to try to skype with my other 2 daughters while we do it. Might get interesting.

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

LOL I love the Hottie Hotpads!! How fun!!

Terri said...

Love the Hotties! I'd use the to decorate the kitchen, but wouldn't want to use them... get them dirty or burned.
You've got a busy Christmas going. We had our dinner with the Grands last Friday. Tonight is church, and he and I will open gifts after breakfast. We have a few gifts under the table where our tiny tree resides, but nothing is a surprise. We bought like crazy when we moved in, and got ourselves everything we need or could want.
Merry Christmas Hugs