Monday, December 29, 2014

Quilting finished!

I spent Friday quilting the  Honeycomb Waffle, Too quilt. I am on a deadline since I am going to teach a class on making it in Feb. and need to get it hung at the quilt shop. I decided to use the Starburst panto...I've only used it once before and love the playful bounce of the stars. 
 You can see the blue backing fabric of the quilt as it rolls up on the frame.

 I made a multi-colored binding using the lightest shades in the quilt and some gray strips mixed in. I hope it looks good! I want to get the binding done today.

 My helpers are looking really comfy right is a person supposed to get ambitious with these cuties lounging around?


Kerstin said...

wow, gorgeous Quilt. Gee, you been one busy Lady latley. One Quilt after the other. one more prettey than the other.
Love the quilting.

Terri said...

That panto is about perfect for that quilt.... which is gorgeous. Love it.

Rosa said...

This is just awesome.congratulations!!

Maggi said...

I just love the way that quilting adds so much dimension. This is beautiful, as are those chilling helpers.