Sunday, January 11, 2015

Love a new beginning...

Diana W
Part of the fun of teaching classes is that you get to see the designs come to life in different colorways. I would love to have the time to make each quilt several times, but it just isn't possible with my time constraints. So when I see a pattern I designed, like Scattered Thoughts, being made in different fabric choices, it's especially fun for me.
Lorraine C
Diana W. (top of page) is using fabrics with a graphic twist, while Lorraine and Jane are using batiks.
Jane D
There is a lot of background in this quilt, so it's interesting to see what they choose for that as well. While Diana W and Lorraine went with a light background, Jane, Gina and Diana S chose vibrant tone on tones for their background. That is going to really change the look of the quilt too.
Gina S

Diana S
Kim had a soft pretty floral background...she is also adding green and brown to the quilt. Once they had some of the first sets of blocks made, most of them started sewing more stripsets together so completing the rest of the blocks would be quicker.
Kim C
I am excited to see these quilts finished!


Kerstin said...

looking good. Hope to get to see the quilts when they are finished.

Karen said...

It is amazing how different a pattern looks in different colorways. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilts.

Rosa said...

Anyone is just beautiful!!

Barb said...

I always love seeing the different colorways...thanks!

Maggi said...

It really is fascinating to see how different they all look.