Friday, March 13, 2015

More Scattered Thoughts

Jane's Scattered Thoughts
 Jane brought her version of Scattered Thoughts to the Highlights Sampler Club the other is stunning. Her rich batiks really  brought this pattern to life! She found a large print that she has never been able to cut up (smile) and pieced this pretty backing for it.  You can't see it in the pictures, but she made a label for it too. We are all trying to get better at making those labels!
 Not too many pictures from class, but these quilts are coming along. Marilyn got her border sashings made over the past month, so was able to see the beginnings of the over all design show up.
Marilyn's Highlights Sampler
 They worked on the Eccentric Star, which is the alternate block and have to make eight of them.
Jane's Highlights Samplers
 Jane is making two quilts, one with a yellow background and the other with the green. Her grandson chose the fabrics as one of them will be his.
 I'm not sure why I didn't get pictures of the other quilter's blocks...sometimes I wait until closer to the end to see what they get finished and then in all the flurry of wrapping things up, I forget. sigh....


Mickey said...

Very nice colors Jane used, like them a lot.

Jean said...

Thanks Mickey! I'm not able to respond to your nice comment via email because you are a no reply blogger, but I do appreciate you stopping by and leaving it!