Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rainy, quilty afternoon....

 Yesterday I hosted a UFO was the perfect day to stay inside and sew. Brenda brought her Lone Star to work on. She had the two halves made and partially sewn together. She was having trouble sewing the two sections together so we figured out what the problem was and she got it sewn. Next she cut out her corner squares and side triangles...they are large, so it's nice to have more space in the classroom to do that! Then she started sewing them in.
 Jane spent some time arranging her Honeycomb Waffle half blocks until she had it the way she wanted. She made some blocks with some color mixed in with her gray/black filler blocks, which add an interesting touch. Jane loves colorful batiks, can you tell?

Dianne worked on her Beads, Buttons and Baubles quilt. She did a lot of cutting and prepping so will soon be ready to put the rest of her blocks together. 
 Brenda finished her Lone Star center....wowser! I love these huge stars and they look gorgeous in all color combos. I have two people interested in taking this class, so if you live in the area and are interested, let me know....I will schedule around the interested quilter's schedules if possible. I also have a quilter who wants me to teach the Honeycomb Waffle, Too class again. I love teaching this class, so if you are interested too, let me know!

 Jane got her rows sewn together vertically, so is probably sewing them together this morning. She was undecided when we left yesterday about her top and bottom setting triangles. She had cut some black ones, bu thought they might be too dark. She will have to decide soon!
I had sewn together some more strips the other night in anticipation of my Summer Fling Stringpiecing Workshop next Sat. at Cut Up and Quilt, so I cut them out in between helping the others. I will probably have enough for a small quilt or if I don't I will have to make more so I don't waste them....this happens to me a lot, ok?
I had some black/tan leftover jelly roll strips so I sewed them together as well. Not sure how they will look mixed in with the more colorful ones, but hopefully I can use them together. Then I cut some solid blocks out of the pink polka dot fabric I used on the back of one of my Peas in a Pod quilts. I still have some solid colored blocks left from the original quilt, too. 

It was a fun day of sewing, chatting and sharing ideas. I think we planned several more quilts while they worked on these! Isn't that always the way it goes?

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Terri said...

Scrappy honeycomb, or some other hexie pattern? Love your "made" fabric.
The students are now slouches either. Stunning is the word for their quilts.
Thanks for sharing.