Sunday, November 22, 2015

UFO Saturday fun!

Lots of quilters for last week's UFO Saturday. I love it when we get a big group like this and they all start sewing and sharing. Julie worked on her Lone Star from the class a few months ago. She learned how to do set in corners. It's half finished!

Jane found some blocks she made several years ago and decided to put them together for a scrappy quilt. Love it!

Rose sewed the binding on a charity quilt and then quilted and finished a gift for a friend.

Dianne bound this cute fleece quilt and then worked on some holiday bowls...she had purchased the preprinted fabrics several (???) years ago and decided now was the time to finish them.

Pat made this cute Boxy Corner bag. She quilted the fabrics too.

Brenda had these soft green prints and was making a Take Five pattern.

Darlene had some preprinted squares, and had to fussy cut them and add borders for her quilt. She got a lot finished!

Phyllis was working on a new quilt for her bedroom.

Gina worked on her Scattered Thoughts quilt...I didn't get a picture of her blocks even though we put them on the wall....sheesh. It's coming along nicely, though you will have to take my word for it.

Ruth wanted me to show her how to use several rulers that she had purchased after seeing me demonstrate them at Cut Up and Quilt. First up was the Flying Geese x 4 ruler by Lazy Girls Designs. She loved learning how to use this ruler to make flying geese the no waste way and can now adjust any of her patterns to using this method. It's a great help!

I got her started using the Curvy Log Cabin ruler by Creative Grids also. She loved how easy it was to use and has lots of strips at home to make a quilt using it. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of hers either....she did a great job and loved how easy both rulers were to use.

Trying to get caught up here, it will help to have a long weekend next week!

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