Friday, March 25, 2016

Making progress....

I spent most of yesterday working on this new's really starting to come together.
Pretty, springy half square triangles. I make mine a bit bigger so I can square them you?
This is a smaller project so only three blocks to make.
First block finished...
 It's a row!
 I am going to work on it some more today, and will post pics occasionally on my Facebook page of my progress.

I also want to get some quilting done on a project I loaded on the quilt frame the other day. I did find & order the rubber grommets I need for my bobbin winder, but  a friend loaned me her winder so I could wind some bobbins to get started on it while I wait for them to arrive. I will need to quilt this new springy project to hang on display for a class, so I need to get the other finished. It is a new one in the Circle and Spin series and also for a future class.

 Love these days off work to quilt!


Karen said...

Are you making this into a pattern? Love the movement in the runner. And the colors!

Heather's Haven said...

I really like hst's and this pattern is so neat, I'm always inspired by your work.