Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After.....are we still snowed in?

Looks like it blew around some more in the night, but it has stopped snowing at least!
I spent Christmas finishing the quilting on this quilt. Just needs binding now. I have another baby quilt to quilt, I pinned it on yesterday, hopefully will get to it today.

This is the same floral pattern I used on my daughter's quilt. I really like the way it flows from row to row, so it doesn't look so much like rows of stitching.

Here is the back, hopefully this baby likes bright colors!

I had seen a tutorial online for this cute pincushion, so made it yesterday too. The idea is to have a mini pincushion to use when doing hand projects, and you stick it into your spool of thread...isn't it the cutest thing? She used a golf tee, but I didn't have one, so used a pencil instead. I just made sure it fit in the hole in the spool first before I glued it in.

If you want to find other cute pincusions to make, go here. 
I got a couple new pantos for Christmas, so I might try one on the other baby quilt later. 


Exuberant Color said...

Gee thanks for sending the snow this way! We have about 3" on the ground and it's supposed to snow all day.

Pat said...

Great quilt and what a cute mini-pincushion.

Barb said...

Love the quilt and pin cushion....that is such a clever idea...

JustCindy said...

Fantastic baby quilt. What a great idea for the pin cushion.

Arlette said...

Hi Jean! Your quilt and pincushion are gorgeous. I'm glad that you enjoyed the pincushion tutorial.
Hauoli Makahikihou! Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous new year.

The Quilting Pirate said...

All our snow is gone...2" of rain took care of 10" of snow in 24 hours. Oh well, there will be more I'm sure.

Lovely pin cushion, thanks for sharing!

Fiesta said...

Great quilt Jean. staying in has helped you keep busy. Thanks for the link on the pincushion. I will try to make one this week. It looks cool.