Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Play day

  As I worked on the Lotus quilt a few weeks ago, I noticed other shapes that the jewels and triangles made that weren't as prominent with the color orientation used in that quilt. I noticed flowers, as well as hexagons, so I wanted to play with the coloring a little. I found some greens/blues/browns that I had purchased last summer, so started cutting jewel shapes and triangles Sunday night. I decided that all the triangles would be the same color, so that they wouldn't distract from the flowers I wanted to make.
They are pretty large pieces, so I wondered if it would look nicer to have them split like this, but I decided I didn't like it as well as the big floral look. 
 I did some digging to find a few more fabrics that looked good with these. I ended up not using that light blue in the center, but put it on the outer edge as a half flower instead because I thought it was too  light. I found a better blue with an uneven check that picked up the other blues better.
Once I had it all on the design wall, I had to figure out where to start. The pieces are sewn into triangles first. With the Lotus, you sew 3 identically colored jewel shapes into a triangle, then place them in rows and sew together.With this coloring, it was harder to see the triangles, so I really had to be careful as I put them together. I only took two off  the wall at a time to work on.
 I have one more row of triangles to make, then will be ready to sew them together. I have a class tonight, so hope to get back to it tomorrow night. It's so much fun to see the pattern come together, isn't it?


Mara said...

It's going to look great!

Karen said...

That's really cool! Have fun!