Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sunday Sewing with my pals

 I spent all day Sunday sewing and watching episodes of The Closer (love that show!). I finished the Sparkling Prisms quilt and went back to the flying geese project. I may eventually finish this one...

if I don't have to keep doing as much unsewing as I do sewing.

I no sooner started working on it than Conrad came along to help. He settled in pretty quickly and fell asleep.
It's pretty hard to sew with a cat on your quilt. 
It seemed a shame to wake him up. It's sort of like when they get comfy on your favorite chair. Do you make them move, or sit somewhere else?


Barb said...

He just wanted to help!!

love your quilt!

Needled Mom said...

The prisms look wonderful.

I'd probably let the kitty sleep. LOL

Sharon said...

Your prisms quilt is very pretty!

Me, sometimes I let the cat sleep, and sometimes I pick him up and cuddle him! I'm having the same kind of trouble. I'm tying a quilt on the card table and the cat tries to lie on it while I'm working on it!