Monday, March 11, 2013

Lots of circles!

Saturday's Circle and Spin class went really well. I taught a group that meets regularly in a church basement, and have a great rapport with each other. There were no design walls, so we taped the blocks on the walls.

 It always looks so pretty when they are displayed. Everyone loved watching their friends quilts grow.
Lots of different fabric colorways....from batiks to brights to earth tones to monochromatic. A little of everything.
 And they all looked great!

 I have had some of the students in classes before, but also met some new faces so it was fun.

 I think many of them were surprised with how much they got finished!

 Lots of brights and batiks...I wanted to snatch a few for my collection!
 She's been collecting purples for a long time....lots of interesting prints.
 She is donating this one to a kid's group in town. Someone will be very lucky to have this bright and cheerful quilt!

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Sharon said...

Your class looks like a lot of fun. And your students got a lot done!