Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Still sewing....

 When I went out to Cut Up and Quilt on Saturday to teach the T-shirt Quilt class, Cindy was there and had brought the Twister quilt she had worked on during the retreat for show and tell. It's finished and ready to cuddle a baby!

The T-shirt Quilt class went well, and everyone got a good start on making their quilt, but it was so busy I forgot to take pictures! Can you believe it? Maybe I'll have some finished pictures to show in a few weeks!

I cut out another block for Sampler #17 last night and then spent the rest of the evening figuring out the last two blocks. I thought I had them figured out, but decided to revamp them. I really need to have this quilt finished by Monday, but it's not looking like I will make it at this point. Three more main blocks, 4 corner blocks, and then put it all together. Snow day anyone?
I got everything ready to sew on Sunday, and turned around to sit down at my machine and look who was waiting. What is it about cats and sewing?


Julianne said...

He wants to make sure you are doing it right...LOL

Vivian said...

I really like this version of the twister quilt with 2 sizes of blocks. I know you've shown it before, but each time I see it, I enjoy it more.
I like your new "About Me" photo--that's a big smile.