Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What? My daughter...sewing?

 You might think that with my love of fabric, sewing and quilting, that at least one of my 3 daughters would like to sew. As it turns out, they love fabric and have even been known to buy some, but haven't really done a lot of sewing. My middle daughter, Wendy, did make a rail fence quilt a long time ago, and has hemmed some curtains, but that is about it. So imagine my surprise when we were shopping at Big Lots one day and she found fabric. Jelly rolls to be exact. She really liked the fabrics and kept asking me what people make with them.  More specifically, what could she make with them.

So I suggested a Jelly Roll Race quilt...quick and easy for a beginner. She got her jelly rolls and we made plans to get together and work on it. She came over last night and I showed her how to sew her strips together with a 45* angle. We both like that join better than the straight seam. 
 Isn't that a pretty pile?

 Resident quilting expert Smokey came along to give her opinion about the quilt too.
 She got them all sewn together and had started pressing them when she realized that she had sewn some of them together right side to wrong side, so she cut them apart and redid them. Then we noticed a few other problem seams, so she spent some more time fixing them.
 Finally she was ready to begin sewing the two ends together. We think it took her about an hour to get that first 800" seam sewn.
I explained how to do the next step, so she is going to try it at home. I will keep you posted on how it goes!


Mickey said...

Great work Wendy, watch out Jean she will be teaching the classes next. LOL

Needled Mom said...

That's such a great project for a first fast finish.

Kerstin said...

that is great. But now you have to watch your stasch.
My DIL is a want sewer. she sews when she wants something. She made a few Quilts and lots of purses.
When she comes over she always looks into my fabric stasch. lol. But its so much fun to sew with her.

Chris H said...

I can't wait to see her quilt!
I have never used a Jelly Roll... maybe I shall give it a try one day.

Patty said...

Big Lots has fabric? I never would have looked there for fabric. And looks like she is doing good and having fun. I told my daughter that since she didn't want anything to do with sewing that she better be ready for grandma to teach Callie how to sew.

Angie Kritenbrink said...

Excuse me! I have sewn before!!

But good job Wendy!