Saturday, June 29, 2013

Student finishes

 It's always fun to see quilts that students have made from your classes. This is Jane's Mosaic quilt. She used lots of bright fabrics and made a center out of some Dr. Seuss fabrics. She also embroidered her grandson's name on some of the squares, though I'm not sure if it will show up in these pix.
 Naomi took the Circle and Spin class last fall at Cut Up and Quilt. Her quilter posted some pictures on facebook of the quilt after she quilted it. It turned out so pretty.
 I got a quilt loaded on the machine yesterday and quilted about four rows. I am meeting with my retreat group today so we can plan our meals for our upcoming Aug. quilt retreat. Should be fun!


ZHOBEYDA said...
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Kerstin said...

both are wonderful quilts. the circle and spin is my favorite.