Monday, January 21, 2013

Mosaic fun

Saturday's Black and White Mosaic class was fun. This version of a stained glass look uses strip piecing methods and goes pretty quickly. You make squares like this, then put them together with sashings for the final quilt.

Lots of great colors!

 I am off today, so plan on sewing most of the day. While I was making the Lotus quilt, I could see a pattern the blocks make that looks like flowers, if the coloring is placed differently, so I cut out some more jewels yesterday using the HexNMore ruler. I want to play a little with the patterns you can get by placing the colors in different arrangements. I will try to remember to take pictures as I go...I do play around with different settings a lot but don't always remember to take pictures of the steps.
I went to Mangelson's yesterday and got more of the small dot print to make more pillows for the library. I was glad they still had it as it was on the clearance wall. If you live in this area, they have a nice selection on their clearance wall right now at 30 & 40% off.


Julianne said...

Oh my goodness..I really love those colors with that pattern.

Karen said...

Love all those mosaics! The color choices are so inspiring.