Sunday, September 29, 2013

T-shirt class

 I had a great time yesterday helping people get started on their T-shirt quilts. It's always fun to see the different shirts and figuring out the challenges to using what people have. Sometimes the shirts are smaller, or  they have pockets that the quilters want to leave on. A few holes here and there, since everyone wants their favorite shirts to be included in the quilt!
 I didn't get many pictures, but it was a busy day and the time flew by. We added to shirts that were too small, we pieced smaller emblems together to make one block...we did lots of creative things with t-shirts!
There are lots of ways to incorporate tshirts in a quilt, but I always teach using this design. It's versatile, and I like the way the sashings accentuate the different quilt blocks. 
After class my daughter and  I went to my hometown for a birthday party for a friend...had a great visit with family and friends! 

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Fiesta said...

Jean such a col project. I have always wondered how to make a tee shirt quilt.