Monday, October 7, 2013

More AQS pix...

 I took so many pictures at the AQS Quilt Show in Des Moines that I probably won't post them all, but because I have been curious to see what some of the other entries to the Modern Challenge looked like, I thought you might be too. The above quilt won one of the 9 prizes given. I was trying to get close enough so the cards and ribbons were readable, but didn't do so well on this one! They had little fences so you couldn't get very close to most of these. You should be able to enlarge all of these pictures by clicking on them.

The quilt below won the top prize in the challenge, so it was fun to see it up close. It  had lines of quilting going different directions, but following a pattern. The lines of quilting were very close together.
 A quilt definitely trying to get out of the box!

 It was interesting to me to see the variety of quilts that were shown.

 The next quilt won for Improvisation.

This one really catches the eye and reminds me of a baby in the uterus, for some reason. I'm sure that is not what the quilter had in mind! It's interesting how you can put your own perspective on a quilt.

 Look at this quilting! It was definitely awesome! I saw a lot of inspiring quilting. So what is your take on modern?

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Stitches said...

I went to the AQS show too and really enjoyed looking at the quilts. I am not a fan of modern quilts that are just un-organized. I am beginning to like more of the modern ones but will always describe myself as traditional.