Monday, November 4, 2013

It's All in a Name!

I had a great time on Saturday working with some quilters who were getting creative with letters. We made a huge mess, with strips and pieces everywhere! 
But the words started to come together. Kathy wants to make a quilt with all of her grandchildren's names on it. She started with Brace. Bs are tough!
 Julie wants to make a winter sign! Can you guess which letters are missing?

 Barb's granddaughter Abbie will love this one! it will go on the back of the quilt she is making her. She used the quilt leftovers for the letters.

I worked on writing patterns for awhile yesterday....I need to get them finished this week, and start quilting the baby quilt I made for my niece's baby. I have a new design I want to start working on too...not sure when I will have time for that, but hopefully soon.


Susan said...

What fun! Makes me think that I need to make a word quilt too!

Millie said...

Woo Hoo! Lots of great letters! Looks like you all had a grand time!