Saturday, November 23, 2013


 I've had another colorwash quilt on my design wall all week. This was the original idea, but everytime I walked by, the bottom row bugged me. There wasn't enough blending, it looked like a border. My original plan was to have the oranges to reds surround the yellows to the left and the purples to the right...but it wasn't working for me.
 So I started moving things around so that the lights all started on the right and worked over to the left around the yellows. With trying to blend the colors better, I ended up "stretching" it wider...
I like this better, even though the blending still isn't perfect. We'll see what it looks like once it's completely sewn together.

I have a UFO Saturday class today, with the Colorwheel Stash Swap afterwards, so it should be a fun day.

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suemac said...

I like your final result. I have been wanting to make a colorwash quilt but find it daunting.