Sunday, November 10, 2013

ZigZags = great fun!

 I had such fun during yesterday's ZigZag Quilt class. You might think that all of the blocks would look the same with different fabrics, but these quilters were very creative! Here I showed them how you can make a zigzag using the same color all the way across.
 Getting started!
 Diana put her two color blocks on the wall....
 then I turned them around to show them the optical illusion. Now the blocks look like rectangles! She liked this so much, she decided to keep them this way when she sewed it together.
 We were all drooling over Jan's fabric choices...she had lots of strips sewn together by class end!
 Dianne put hers on end, and decided she would alternate them by starting and ending with a half block every other row. I can't wait to see this one finished!
 Diana's first 2 rows sewn together. She is making this for a baby quilt...
 Two sets in Rose's color way.
 We use every available surface to hang our work. It's inspiring to see what everyone's colors look like as the blocks come together.
 Ann's first two colorways look awesome together!
 Rose got some blocks made with all three colorways finished before class ended.
 Kathy is using's hard to tell in the picture, but her backgrounds both have dots. The blue has very tiny dots.
 Tari used a batik background to showcase her teal and purple fabrics. She got three rows assembled.
 Ruth used combinations of cotton pinks and batik pink/burgandy blends. Simply gorgeous!
 Pat used Civil war repro fabrics for hers, using one background and two zigzag fabrics like Tari did, but decided to mix them up in the blocks. It was a hard decision! We made lefts and rights out of each fabric choice so that she could see it. We quilters are very visual people, aren't we?
Here's mine! It will make a great baby girl quilt! 
I need to finish writing some patterns I've been working on today...but I would like to get the baby quilt on the frame too...the baby is scheduled to be born on 11.12.13. Do you think I'll get it finished?

Happy Sunday!


ga447 said...

I love all the choices everyone did. Great class.

Vivian said...

So many layout options from the same block. Thanks for sharing so many ways to have fun with this one.

Kerstin said...

I love them all.
are you using a special ruler for it?

Brenda said...

these are great with all the possibilities. how is this block done?

Chris H said...

Wow they are so cool. STOP giving me ideas!!! lol