Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm a winner!

We have enjoyed having my daughter, Angie, here visiting the past week. We had cookouts here Sat. night and Sunday, and went shopping at an outlet mall yesterday. Here is a pic of her and my parents while we were there Thurs/Friday. We are going out for lunch before taking her to the airport today. 
 I was excited to win some Christmas fabrics from I Have a Notion last week. Thanks Kelly! Is it just me, or are they ADORABLE???

Hmmmm, now what to make? Any ideas?


barbara woods said...

I love Christmas fabric and that is beautiful

ga447 said...

It is so fun to win fabric, glad you had family time. I just got back from NY.

Barb said...

Great win....awesome fabrics

Chris H said...

That fabric is utterly gorgeous. As for what to make, when I get some really cute fabric that I love, I like to just look at it for a while... sometimes weeks, before deciding what to do with it.
Good luck using it in a way that shows it off beautifully.

Gene Black said...

Congrats on the win! Kelly is pretty cool huh?